Episode 288, scene 4.

     Judge Irwin A. Chester's chambers.
     Rossi pours a glass of water.

MR:  Here, drink this.
MP:  Thank you, doctor.
MR:  Do you have any pain?
     [Rossi places his stethescope around his neck.]
MP:  No.  No.  Only this tightness in my chest.
     I should have listened to you, doctor.
     [Rossi attaches a syphmo-monometer to Peyton's right arm.]
MR:  When was that?
MP:  Oh, the other day when you intimated that a person in my state of 
     health had no business appearing [cough, cough] in this courtroom.
MR:  I didn't say that.  I just wanted to take a precautionary 
     examination, that's all.
MP:  You were right.
MR:  Well, let's see what it is.
     [Rossi pumps, releases, and listens.]
MR:  You're so determined to get up in that 
     witness stand.  I'll see if I can get you back up there.

Scene 6:

MR:  Well, looks like you got your wish Mr. Peyton.
     You're saying this may not be too serious.

MP:  Well, I'm relieved, of course.

MR:  As far as I

     That was uncalled for, doctor.
     After all, I'm the one
     perhaps your emotions
     girl you hoped

     I took that into

     He's well enought

     I certainly do.

MR:  Excuse me.

     Well, gentlemen.

     Rossi will do.

     If I could have just another minute to rest.  
     Take as long as you have to, Mr. Peyton.
HC:  may I see him.

JC:  Of course, of course.
     anymore than you 
     you're scared
     Not in the slightest
     pity thay my illness
     alot you care for steven
     I have no desire
     I find regrettables
     We both know, Hannah.
     I's geve innocent
     since he's obsessed
     right from the beginning, I made my choice
     If the price
     it still must be paid
     By Steven
MP:  Hannah, Let's get it over with.
     [Peyton returns to the courtroom as the scene ends.]

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