Episode 288, scene 5.

     Betty and Steven in the corridor.

SC:  He's faking.
BA:  Are you sure?
SC:  It's pure sham, and I'll bet on it.
BA:  Steven can you afford to lose that bet?
SC:  I won't.  I'll see him.  I'll call his bluff.
BA:  Steven, even if it is a bluff now, you can make Mr. Peyton have a 
     real attack if you push him too hard with your questions.
SC:  Go easy on the poor sick old man.  Handle him with kid gloves.  No, 
     Betty.  That's what he's hoping for.  To throw me off balance having 
     his life on my conscience. 
BA:  It could happen.  He's a sick old man. 
SC:  He's a conniving, slippery old devil and don't you forget it.  I 
     don't want him dead.  Anything, but.  No, I hope Mr. Peyton lives 
     for many years to enjoy the memory of this day. 
BA:  Just so you succeed in tearing down the castle.  You don't even care 
     if you get caught up in the ruins, and you will, Steven.  That's all 
     I care about.  Not that you will be destroying Mr. Peyton but you'll 
     be destroying yourself.  
SC:  By attempting the most difficult cross-examination in my career? 
     [Leslie walks up, intruding.] 
LH:  I'm sure you can handle it. 
     So Peyton is well enough to go back on the stand.
BA:  We know as much as you do, Mr. Harrington.
LH:  Well, I assume you must have heard.
BA:  We have heard nothing.
LH:  That old fraud.  He must take you for a fool, Steven
     if he thinks he can throw you off the track by such an obvious 
     play for sympathy. 
BA:  Mr. Harrington, My husband is not the prosecutor and Mr. Peyton is 
     not the defendant. 
LH:  Of course not, Betty.  But you don't get an opportunity like this 

SC:  I intend to do the best gfor my client, Mr. Harrington.
LH:  A man like you can ride on two horses without taking a fall.
     That takes a lot of agility. 
LH:  You can handle it.  I've seen you in action before. 
BA:  At your own son's trial, Mr. harrington.

BA:  Would you ask Steven to go in there and ride two horses, if he were 
     defending Rod,instead of Lee Webber? 
LH:  Good luck, Steven.

     [Leslie leaves]
BA:  Steven, I hope you listened to what I said.
SC:  The law will be well served, Betty.
     Or if not the law, at least, Justice.

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