Episode 293, scene 3

in work

     Steven cross-examines Hannah Cord.


SC:  Somehow I got the impression
to show one's true feelings.
What were your true feelings.
She seemed confused
Did you give her the answers.
Would you clarify
I can not understand counsel's
from the record
her previous statement
HC:  She wanted to know 
given away as a new born infant.
only practical solution
To raising the children
to give one to each parent.
brother and sister
Did your daughter
without further
explain to her
more friendly than others.
Did she ask why there was bitterness between
Not one question.
HC:  No.
that twisted her entire life.
I don't see

Proceed, Mr. Cord and
best of your ability
one crucial question
unasked and unanswered
that you wanted to spare her out of love
How did you justify what you had done.
Did Ann cry?
Did you cry?
What did Ann say when she left.
It was just some remark
Goodbye forever, mother.
late that afternoon
afternoon of her death.
alive again
HC:  But I did see her.
Was it after you failed to find her at the boarding house.
She wasn't at the cottage.  She was on the bluff.

Steven, could I have just a moment
Very well
Court will recess for one hour.

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