Episode 294, scene 1.


     In the corridor of the Town Hall, Rachel speaks to Elliot.

RW:  Well, everybody's here.  Why don't you make your report?
CM:  Rachel.
RW:  I'm very sorry I couldn't help you Mrs. Carson, and you.
MR:  I thought you were going to take her to the hospital.
Ofc: I did.  But I was sent back.  She had an appointment with a social 
MR:  Rachel, Rachel.
EC:  There was a little mis-understanding.
CM:  About what?

CM:  Rachel.
     [Constance speaks to Rachel.]
CM:  I don't know what happened between you and my husband.
RW:  You don't?
CM:  No.
RW:  I'm glad and I'm sorry.
CM:  About what?
RW:  For acting like a child
     Now listen, what happened?
EC:  I asked her about chandler
EC:  But we don't know why
MR:  What did you find out? 
EC:  Nothing.  She just gave me a few innocuous facts.  That's all.
     I just pushed her too far.  And she backed off.
CM:  Aren't you afraid you might scare her off with all these 

     Chandler might retain custody of Rachel.
EC:  I'll join you in a minute
     might retain custody of Rachel.
     Sure, there's a good chance.  On paper, he's the logical guardian.
     convince anydody other
EC:  You know, Aunt Lucy married a man she didn't know anything about.
     It was like he came out of nowhere no past just him and a
     marriage certificate
CM:  That leaves a lot of questions.  Do you think Rachel has the answers.
EC:  I don't know.  It goes beyond the beatings and the mistreatment
     Deep down  Maybe it started as a child
CM:  The fact that that man might have come in contact with Allison 
     gives me the creeps. 
EC:  We don't know that she did
CM:  But, We don't know that she didn't.

CM:  Eli's waiting for me in the 
EC:  Goodbye.
     [Rachel goes back out in the courtroom and sits.  Dr. Rossi gets 
     up and speaks to her.]
MR:  Just what are you doing in here.
RW:  Miss Franks is busy.  She said she would see me later.
     [Rossi takes her out in the hall.]
     But I wanted to be with you.
     Not now and not therer
     Yes, it's important to me
     not here
     now you come
MR:  yes it's impor
WWW: Oh, So you found her
MR:  I thought you were supposed to stay with her.
WWW: We lost her.
     see if you can stay with her this time.
     sit down
MR:  Whether you meant to or not you did, Rachel
MR:  Rachel, listen to me.  This is something I have to keep private.
     keep it separated from everyone else.
     Now, will you just stay put
LW:  Watch that stuff doctor.  You're becomeing a real fire hazzard, 
     aren't you.  I certainly don't want to see you get burnt.
RW:  He's the one, isn't he, the one that murdered Ann?
RW:  Well I hope they hurt him as much as he hurt you.

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