Episode 298, scene 1.

     [Judge Irwin A. Chester's chambers.]
     [John and Steven

Well, Gentlemen.  It's all over but the shouting.
I haven
NBo. Sir.
John and I don't
you self
the judge is always right
this hearing has been so emotional and argumentative
I called you both in here
first I want to call
as mr. Cord did, b
because I thought it would
$500 Mr. cord
to tell you it is my decision not to bind
But Hannah
she saw him push Ann Howard to her death
unreliable witness
the defendant's own brother
he heard Ann fall.
Why didn't Chris Webber overhear
Chris Webber is blind
so obviously
If it's the law you're talking about Johm
you can refile for another preliminary hearing
against Lee Webber.
Judge Chester, '
do you think
Do I think he is innocent
What possible difference does it make
The law means hard evidence
personal vendettas.
those of us who wear the robes
Will that be all, your honor?

I don't see the victory smile
yet you defended your client successfully.

You don't care about Lee Webber
You took this case
I took case because I thought he might be innocent
How could you 
of murdering your own sister.
You can drop the formality, Mr. Cord.
You tell me you only deal in hard evidence.
I'm sorry you weren't able to see them.
Mr. Cord.  You have succeeded in se
weigh upon your conscience.

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