Episode 298, scene 3.


LW:  I'm free, man.  Free.  Capital F R E E.  Free.
Ofc. Quiet down, Webber.
LW:  Quiet down?  Aw, come on now, officer, have a heart.  You see.  I've 
     got to leave this place whether I like it or not.  Now, I've got to 
     go back out in that world again and breath fresh air, work for a 
     living, and glug, glug, glug, drink a little beer, run around on my 
     little old motorcycle, and live in the same house with my ever 
     faithful gum-chewing child bride.  Talk about misery and punishment. 

Ofc. Can you get him out of here before he breaks the place up?
     I've got to get back to my desk.
SC:  Sure, go ahead. 

LW:  Steven, come here.  I want you to see the view I'm giving up. 
SC:  Come on Lee.  You've made your point.
LW:  No.  Come here.  I want you to get an idea what it's like.  You 
     might learn something. 

LW:  See, I had a ball, looking out that window and watching people walk 
     by.  Sometimes a dog would come by.  And once I even saw a pregnant 
     cat.  Great stuff.  A real swinging view of a very swinging town. 

SC:  Let's go. 

LW:  Now wait a minute.  I've got to tell you something, Steven.  I think 
     you're great.  When you stand up in that courtroom and say those 
     words and fix your stare on that judge and the people on that 
     witness stand you're just great.  Now, I've got to admit you had me 
     faked out once or twice.  You play a tight game.  Awful tight.  
     There was one time back there when I thought I was going to have to cop 
     a plea for insanity, or mental cruelty, or break out of here, or do 
     something.  That's how much you had me sweating.  But, you sure paid off.  
     Just like a 50 cent slot machine.  Piff.  Bing.  Bing.  Bing.  Three 
     bells, zambaroony, and I'm a millionaire.  You know, you ought to go 
     out for politics, Steven.  I really mean it.  Aw, come on, Mr. Cord,  
     don't be put down by all that stuff Mrs. Cord said up on the stand.  
     Because you had her so mixed up she really didn't know what she was 

SC:  I don't want to hear your expert opinion on Mrs. Cord's testimony.

LW:  Well, what's the matter then?  Why aren't you clicking yur heels.  
     Oh, You're not still putting on that snob act, after all we've been through 
     together, all you've done for me. 

LW:  After all you've done for me, Steven, we're buddies.  You've got to 
     see that.
SC:  Of course.  We're buddies. 
LW:  Great. 
SC:  Let's go, Buddy. 

SC:  Get out of the way. 

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