Episode 298, scene 4.

     Corridor of the Courthouse.

MP:  Congratulations, Mr. Webber.
LW:  You're kidding.
MP:  No, indeed, I mean it.  Congratulations.
LW:  Well, Thank you, sir.
MP:  I want to talk to you, Steven, alone.
LW:  Get him.
     [Lee leaves.]
MP:  I have something to say to you.
SC:  Yes, I imagine you do.  I imagine you're filled to the brim with 
     years of guilt, and regrets, and apologies for the unforgiveable sin 
     you committed against my sister and me.  Well, I'm not interested 
     in hearing your excuses or explanations.
MP:  He's guilty.  Lee Webber is guilty.  Guilty of murdering Ann.
SC:  Well, thank you judge Peyton.  I was very anxious to hear your 
     verdict.  Do you honestly expect me to believe that you suddenly 
     care about Ann, now that she's dead, after you've ignored her 
     existence all those years?
MP:  The hearing is adjourned.  The last gavel has pounded.  Do you think 
     you'll be able to silence her death screams now that you've set her 
     murderer free?  You've mocked her death the moment you became 
     involved in this case.  Because your singular interest was motivated 
     by hate. 
SC:  I must confess to certain feelings of hate.  
MP:  You've always demanded credit for what you've done.  I'm giving it 
     to you.  That's your victory.  You've made it possible for Ann's 
     murderer to go free.  That's your sin.  And you've given me a reason 
     to go on living until I see Lee Webber punished for his crime.  
     Things haven't changed, Steven.  You're still destructive.  Still 
     consumed with hate.  Just as you were when you were a child, the 
     grown-ups follow you around cleaning up the mess you've made. 
     [Peyton leaves.] 
SC:  I must confess to certain feelings of hate.

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