Dialog from Episode 302 scene 3.

     Betty and Steven are driving to the mansion to return the check to 
     Hannah.  The special effects in the scene are quite good for 1967.

SC:  It should have snowed by now.
BA:  Yes?
SC:  Late winters annoy me, I don't know why.
BA:  Steven, I told your mother . . .  I told Mrs. Cord that you wouldn't 
     take the money for the house. 
SC:  I'm sure you did.  But she knows how to insist, doesn't she?
BA:  She said even though she isn't your mother, you would always be her 
SC:  She can't help adding insult to injury, over and over again.  She is 
BA:  What if she is already gone?  She said her plane was leaving tonight.
SC:  Well then, we'll find out where she went and I'll mail it to her.
BA:  She talked about you.
SC:  Oh, Mrs. Cord is proud of her little boy.
BA:  She seems so organized.
SC:  I can imagine.
BA:  She said that she put everything behind her. 
SC:  She was savoring her misery, Betty.
BA:  She told me she had sold the house, just like that.  And she handed 
     me the check, the full amount of the sale.  Steven, I'm afraid I 
     didn't know how to handle it. 
SC:  We're handling it now.  We're going to give it back to her.  We're 
     not in the business of accepting favors from Mrs. Cord. 

     [Betty and Steven arrive at the Peyton mansion and park in front of 
     the main entrance.  The livingroom is ablaze.]

SC:  Go to the house across the street and call the fire department and 
     call Rossi.
     [Betty gets out of the car and rushes to Steven.]
BA:  Steven, don't go in there.
SC:  [Shouting]  Mr. Peyton.  Mother, Mother.
SC:  [To Betty].  Do as I say.
SC:  Mother, Mr. Peyton.

     [Steven breaks a side window with his elbow, reaches inside, unlocks 
     the door and goes in.] 

SC:  [Shouting] Mother, Mr. Peyton.  Mother, Mr. Peyton.  Mother, Mother, 
     Mr. Peyton. 

     [Break for commercial.]
     [During the commercial, Betty called the fire department and the 
     [Steven goes inside and carries Martin Peyton outside.]
SC:  Mr. Peyton.
     [He places the old man on the grass and gives an old form of 
     artificial respiration.] 
SC:  Come on, old man.  
     [Betty comes back.]
SC:  Come on, old man.  
     [Peyton coughs.]
SC:  He's breathing.  
SC:  He's breathing.
     [Steven runs back inside the house.]
     [Betty follows.]
BA:  Oh, Steven, no.
SC:  Mother.  Mother.
     [Betty runs back to Peyton.]
     [Betty speaks to the old man.]
BA:  Mr. Peyton, is there anyone else in the house, now?  Is Hannah in the 
     house?  Please tell me.
MP:  No.  They're gone.
     [Betty runs inside to the foyer and calls to Steven.]
BA:  Steven.  Steven, where are you?
SC:  Here.
BA:  Steven.  No one's inside.  Mr. Peyton says everyone's gone.

BA:  I called the hospital.  Dr. Rossi has left town.
SC:  What?

     [Steven kneels by Peyton again as the scene ends.]

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