Dialog from Episode 306 scene 8.

     Lee is holding court in the Tavern.  Norman is listening. 

LW:  So I say, "Your bike for what you owe me."  Only this machine is worth 
     $500 easy, and I'm only into this guy for $125.  He looks like he's 
     just about going to cry.  He starts shaking his head and backing 
     off.  So I grab him by his arm and I almost break his, see.  And I 
     almost ace myself right out of this machine.  It was his riding arm.  
     He could hardly sign the thing over to me. 
BP:  Hey.  Come on, knock it off.
NH:  Easy to do it isn't it Webber?
LW:  You still here?
NH:  Break a guy's arm.  Blind your brother.  Kill someone, just 1--2--3.
LW:  Why don't you go sit in the back and let us grownups drink in peace, 
     sonny boy? 
NH:  Why don't you tell us about Ann Howard?     

LW:  [Continuing]  I'm telling you this machine was really something 
NH:  Tell us how you followed her to the bluff. 

LW:  [Continuing]  All chromed and jazzed from one end to the other.
NH:  How you tormented her.  And then you got tired and just pushed her 
     right off, huh?
CW:  Norman. 
LW:  I think you guys would like to see it, Huh?
NH:  Oh I forgot, Chris.  You've already heard it.  Well now, Id' like to 
     hear it from Lee.  Tell us about it Lee.  Tell us how you got away 
     with it. 
LW:  It's right on the wharf.  You guys want to see it?
NH:  She was my sister, Lee.
LW:  Your half-sister, sonny boy.  Or something like that.
NH:  And you killed her.  For what?  Huh?   What did she ever do to you?

LW:  You're a little late with all of this, aren't you? 
LW:  The hearing's over or didn't anybody tell you?
NH:  How does it feel, Lee, to kill someone and just walk away clean.
LW:  Well you ought to know about that.  It runs in your family.
     Or didn't your dear departed mother ever tell you how she got away 
     with killing the Carson Dame? 
     [Norman lunges tipping a table over and knocking Lee down.]
     [Ada comes in.]
LW:  Don't fight, man.
     [Norman chases after Lee.]
LW:  Ada.  Ada, I didn't start this Ada.  Remember.
     [Lee pushes Norman.  Norman falls on the piano]
LW:  Now you have a reason to call the cops.  Just don't forget to tell 
     them, sonny boy started it. 
AJ:  Get out of here.
LW:  All right, but I was only defending myself.
     [Lee starts to leave.]
CW:  Lee, wait a minute. 
     [Chris starts walking toward the closet.]
CW:  I'll walk you home.
     [Chris gets his jacket and the gun from the closet.]
     [Chris follows Lee outside.]
CW:  Lee.  I want to talk to you.
LW:  You said it all, little brother.
CW:  Just stay where you are a minute.  Lee?
LW:  I'm right here, man.
CW:  Let's walk home together.
LW:  No thanks.  I've got a lousy taste in my mouth because of that 
     Harrington creep.  I'm going to White River and wash it out.
CW:  Please, walk home with me.
LW:  No. 
CW:  Lee, I dropped my cane.  [Insincerely]  Would you get it for me 
     before you leave?
     [Chris starts to remove the gun from his coat.] 
NH:  Webber, you started to attack . . .
CW:  Leave us alone.
LW:  I'm not going back to jail on account of you, boy.
LW:  What would I prove by squashing a little fly like you, nayhow?
LW:  Goodbye, children.
CW:  Lee, wait a minute.
     [Lee gets on his bike, makes a U-turn and rides off toward White 
CW:  Lee.  Lee.  Lee.
NH:  He's gone.

NH:  Hey, Chris, it was my fight.
CW:  No, it was my fight.
NH:  You can't.
CW:  Norman.  He's my brother.  Leave him to me. 
NH:  I can't stand to see him running around free.
CW:  I can't either.
NH:  Well, I we'd better stick together.
NH:  Come on.
     [Norman walks Chris back inside the tavern as the secene ends.]

Bar patron, BP:

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