Episode 307, scene 4.

     [Steven and Betty have just come in the foyer of the mansion.  Betty 
     gets her coat out of the foyer closet.] 

BA:  Right now it looks kind of grungy.  But that's just because of the 
     smoke.  But wait til I get done with it.  Now, the first thing I'm 
     going to do is put in a skylight.  Don't you think that will improve 
     it tremendously? 
SC:  Uh-huh.
BA:  Oh, it's going to be such fun to re-decorate this morgue.
SC:  What are we going to do about the old man's room.  And Rodney's.
BA:  Well, I hadn't really thought about it.
SC:  By the way, where is Rodney's room?
BA:  Beyond his grandfather's.
SC:  He didn't always live in that room.
     [Steven helps Betty put on her coat.]
BA:  Steven, what is it?
SC:  Well, he used to share a room with Norman.
BA:  When I was married to Rodney, we lived on third floor in the back.  
     It was awful.
SC:  Why?  
BA:  Nobody had lived in those rooms for years.  Mr. Harrington refused 
     to have them painted or draped or anything. 
SC:  So now, you're going to get your sweet revenge.
BA:  Steven, we don't have to live here if you don't want to.
SC:  I'm aware of that.
BA:  What's bothering you?
SC:  You know perfectly well what's bothering me.
BA:  Aren't you ever going to be able to trust me?
SC:  It isn't you.  It's me.
BA:  Well don't just walk away.  Let's talk about this.
SC:  I've always been jealous of Rodney.  Perhaps I always will be.  It's 
     not something you can cure by talking about it.  We'd be living in 
     the same house with your ex-husband.  The proximity bothers me.  I 
     can't help it. 
BA:  You could try.
SC:  You want to live here very much, don't you?
BA:  We both have a lot to prove and a lot to gain if we . . .
SC:  A lot to lose if we can't live with the ghosts and all the 
     inhabitants of this house. 
BA:  The house on the ridge is still available.
SC:  Well, then we'd never know if this disease of mine, this jealousy, 
     is curable or not.  Guess the only way to make sure is to face it, 
     live with it, and maybe then I can conquer it. 
BA:  If you're willing to try, I am.
     [They gaze into each other's eyes.]
SC:  I think a skylight would do wonders for the west wing.
BA:  Oh, Steven.
     [They kiss.]
SC:  Let's take a look upstairs.
     [They go up the main stairs together.]
SC:  I thought I'd never set foot in this place again.  So much has 
     happened.  So much time has passed.  A happy place.  Leslie 
     Harrington and Catherine Peyton man and wife. 
     [Steven tries some keys.] 
SC:  What does this door do, Betty?  Lock them inside or keep the world 
     [Steven continues to try the keys.] 
BA:  Who gave you that key? 
SC:  The old man's chauffeur.  Maybe he was confused. 
BA:  Maybe. 

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