Episode 312, Scene 1.

     Steven Cord is talking to Lee Webber an the wharf.
LW:  Thanks for coming, Steven.
SC:  What happened? 
LW:  Sandy and I had another fight.  Chris was in the next room.  All of a 
     sudden he comes at me, swinging his cane and screaming.  And he just 
     broke down and started to cry.  It was awful.  And it was all over 
     nothing, Steven.  Now he won't even let me get close enough to talk 
     to him.  I'm scared.  He's got that gun and he says that he just 
     doesn't want to go on living. 
SC:  Where's Sandy?
LW:  Look, I don't know.  But if he hurts himself, Steven, I might as well 
     take that gun and point it at myself because I put him where he is.  
     I wrecked his life.  I wrecked his life. 
SC:  All right, save it, Lee.
LW:  Well, maybe you could reason with him.  He'll listen to you.  Oh, I 
     know you don't think so, Steven.  But he respects you. 
SC:  I said save it.  Now you go on in Ada's.  I'll phone you if I need 
LW:  Okay.  Here's the key to the door.  He's probably got himself still 
     locked up in that bedroom. 

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