Episode 312, scene 2.

Dialog in Webber house.

EG:  It's the police, open up.
     [Steven opens the door.]
EG:  All right what's the problem, Mr. Cord?
     Are you all right, Chris?
SC:  There's not much to see.  The gun
EG:  Mr. Cord, does this have anything to do with 
     investigation into the death of Ann Howard?
SC:  I don't understand.
EG:  Family argument.      something about one brother testifying against
     that's why I'm here.
EG:  Baxter, get Lee Webber.
B:   Right.
SW:  Can I come in?
     [Lee comes in the house.]
EG:  Did you telephone Steven Cord tonight? 
LW:  Well, I . . .
EG:  Did you or didn't you.
Yes.  Yes, I did.
     What did you say to him.
     You don't have to answer any questions.
LW:  Sure I called Mr. Cord to tell him
     that Chris had a gun 
SC:  And that you were afraid.
     Afraid of what?
     Chris,  Are you okay.
     What did you tell me to get me down here.
     that he threatened to kill himself.
SC:  How did you know that.
LW:  I saw him throught the window
     He was talking to himself wasn't making sense.

     He wouldn't even let me in.
     You didn't try to shoot Steven, did you?
     Now what makes you say that, Lee?
     that hole in your coat, man.

SC:  The gun went off by accident.  You were absolutely right, Lee.

     I found Chris hysterical, out of control.
     talking, but not making much sense.
     So I tried to reason
     He wouldn't
SC:  I tried to get it away from him.  Knocked over a few thing.  The gun 
     went off and I ended up with a slightly used overcoat.  Isn't that 
     right, Chris?  It was an accident. 

CW:  Yeah.  It was all a mistake. 

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