Episode 312, scene 3.
     Elliot comes in Matthew's room where Constance is sitting and 

EC:  Oh, I think it's pretty late to be making out grocery lists.
CM:  You go back to bed.  He's still asleep.
EC:  You could have fooled me.  What are you doing, anyway?  "Small sand 
     takes after.  Mike R. for GF.  Definate.  Maybe Betty Cord for GM." 
     What's all this GF GM business, anyway?
CM:  Godfather and Godmother.  I'm planning Matthew's christening.
EC:  Holy smokes.  You mean to tell me that you got out of a warm bed in 
     the middle of the night just to plan Matthew's christening.
CM:  Don't say just.  This is important.
EC:  Well, Of course, it's important.  But what's the hurry.  It's like 
     making your christmas list on the fourth of July.  Besides if you 
     think I going to let them pour ice water all over Matthew in sub-zero 
CM:  They don't pour, they just sprinkle.  It will be in a warm church.
EC:  With three feet of snow on the ground?
CM:  It will be in a warm church.  
EC:  There's no such thing as a warm church.  It will be drafty as a wind 
CM:  This is the Elliot Carson who plans son early for the rigors of 
     football, isn't it? 
EC:  But not before he can walk.
CM:  He'll look pretty funny toddling down the aisle for his own 
     christening.  Besides, you don't have to worry.  He'll be all bundled 
     up as snug as a bug in a rug.  I've already got the outfit. 
EC:  A fur parka, I hope.
CM:  Not quite.
EC:  Well, what is it?
CM:  Isn't that gorgeous?
EC:  It's lace.  No sirree.  Not on your life.  Not on my son.  Lace.  Are 
     you serious, honey?  Just take it back.  Why can't he wear that knit 
     shirt and pants outfit he got from the Mortons? 
CM:  We'll see.  Besides we can't have the christening anyway until Mike 
     gets back.  I'm sending him the first invitation. 
EC:  Boy, oh boy.  All this hurry about Matthew's christening.  Could 
     this be by any chance be part of a plot to lure the wandering 
     doctor back to the fold? 
CM:  Well, not entirely.  But when I talked to him on the phone his voice 
     did sound funny. 
EC:  But you said he sounded wonderful.
CM:  A little too wonderful.  I had the feeling when he said he was going 
     to stay on in New York a few days, he was really trying to postpone 
     coming back here. 
EC:  Oh, I see.  So you are using Matthew as bait.
CM:  As Matthew's godfather he can hardly refuse to come to the 
EC:  Of course, working on the sense of responsibility.
CM:  You don't think that's fair?
EC:  Fair?  I think it's clever.  Devilishly clever.  Female clever.

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