Episode 313, scene 5

     Rodney and Rachel are seated at Mamasito's Italian Village Restaurante.

RH:  [To the waiter]  Thank you.

RW:  Melanzana?
RH:  [In his best Italian]  Melanzana.
RW:  [Laughing]  Melanzana.

RW:  Egg plant.  I hate it in English and it tastes even worse in Italian.
RH:  I'm glad one of us likes it.
RW:  Did you used to bring Allison here?
RH:  No Rachel.  

RH:  [Changing the subject]  That was fine skating tonight, wasn't it?  
     The ice was as smooth as glass. 
RW:  Why didn't you bring her here?
RH:  Do we have to talk about Allison?
RW:  Yes.
RH:  Why?

     [The waiter brings another course.]

RW:  We don't have to talk about her, Rodney.
RW:  Uh . . .
RH:  What?  
RW:  Spaghetti makes me think about the farm.  We had cold spaghetti 
     every Thursday night.  And Chandler used to wait until we got it all 
     dished up and then he would come in the kitchen.  He would take off his 
     shirt and he would wash and shave in the sink. 

RW:  And then me and Aunt Lucy . . . 
RH:  [Interrupting to correct her]  Aunt Lucy and I.
RW:  Aunt Lucy and I.  We used to have to stand and watch him.
RH:  Why did you tell me that?
RW:  I felt like it.  I felt like telling you something that I had never 
     told anybody else.
RH:  What do you want to know about Allison?
RW:  Well, the Carsons are so nice to me.  There couldn't have been any 
RH:  There weren't.
RW:  Was she awfully spoiled?
RH:  No.
RW:  Well then, I don't understand why she ran away.
RH:  Well she was . . .   She had had a breakdown, Rachel.  She was sick.
RW:  That's what everybody else says, but I don't believe it's true.
RH:  Oh, it's true.
RW:  The Carsons are such lovely people.  How could she have had a 
RH:  She was Illegitimate.
RW:  [Surprised]  She was what?
RH:  Mr. and Mrs. Carson weren't married when Allison was born.
RW:  I know what the word means.  I was just surprised.
RH:  Mr. Carson was married to somebody else.  She was killed. And he 
     went to prison.  And some years later, they discovered that he was 
     innocent.  Mr. and Mrs. Carson have only been married two years. 
RW:  No wonder.
RH:  Well, that's not all.  There's more.  You see, Mrs. Carson kept a 
     picture on the mantle of a man she told Allison was her father.  She 
     said the man was dead. 
RW:  You mean Mrs. Carson lied? 
RH:  She did it to protect Allison.  And maybe it would have helped 
     Allison if she had known sooner.  You never know about those things. 
RW:  You think you are someone for so long a time and then find out 
     you're somebody else. 

RH:  Your spaghetti ought to be good and cold and ready to eat by now.

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