Dialog from Episode 315 scene 4.

     A man and woman are leaving the Tavern as Jack Chandler comes in.

JC:  Excuse me.

     Jack Chandler talks with Ada Jacks:

AJ:  What'll it be?  Well?
JC:  You don't remember me, huh?
AJ:  Sorry.
JC:  Huh, I've gotten a little uglier, but I don't think I've changed that 
     much.  It's been a long time.  Well, don't you remember.  You used to 
     bring Eddie and me beer and sandwiches in the back.  Eddie was always 
     cooking up some kind of a deal or other.  You remember, don't you Ada? 
AJ:  What are you selling, mister?
JC:  I'm not selling anything, I'm buying.  A beer.  You turned this into a 
     real nice place.  Looks very homely and friendly.  Eddie would be real 
     pleased with what you've done.  The name is Jack. 
AJ:  I know.  Jack Forrest.
JC:  Well, I changed my last name.  I'm Jack Chandler now, Ada.  I turned 
     over a new leaf.  
AJ:  What do you want?  
JC:  Nothing.  You ever hear from Eddie?
AJ:  No.  And I don't want to, ever.
JC:  That's right.  He just up and walked on you, didn't he?  He was a funny 
     guy.  A fool, if you ask me. 
AJ:  That'll be 25 cents, Mr. Chandler.
JC:  You never were partial to Eddie's friends, were you?
AJ:  I'm still not.
JC:  I did hear that you and Eddie had a baby girl.  Didn't you?
AJ:  Are you looking for a handout?  Is that what you want?
JC:  No.  No.  I'm looking for one of those sandwiches you used to make.
AJ:  I don't serve sandwiches anymore.
JC:  Oh, that's too bad.  They sure were good.  Do you ever hear from the guys 
AJ:  No, I'm rid of Eddie and his friends.  Look, I'm very particular who I 
     let in here.  Any trouble and out you go, for good. 
JC:  You won't have any trouble with me.  I'm just glad that after 20 years 
     you're still here.  All I'm looking for is a place to come to have a beer 
     and a little friendship.  Oh come on, Ada.  You're probably the only 
     friend I've got around here. 
AJ:  All there is for you here, is beer.
JC:  You'll get a kick out of this.  You remember Leslie Harringron, the hard 
     nosed cagy kind of guy who used to run the mill in the old days?  Well 
     the same guy runs the mill today.  You probably know that. You know who I 
     mean.  For a while, we used to meet in the back.  Eddie got us together.  
     Anyway, today, just a few minutes before i got here.  This same Leslie 
     Harrington gave me a job in the mill. Funny thing, 20 years ago we were 
     talking over a job.  And today, I got a job with him. 
AJ:  Congratulations.
JC:  Well, I best be going.  Real good to see you, Ada.  I'll see you again, 

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