Dialog from Episode 306 scene 7.
     [Party in the Harrington Apartment.]

     [Rachel calls a square dance.]
     [Approximate words.]

RW:  Swing your partner to the left.
     Change the bird.
     The bird flies out.
     The crow pops in.

     Swing your partner going again.
     Go to the left.
     Swing the corner.
     Now your partner's back again.
     [Rodney does a pratfall.]

RH:  Yes, Rachel Yes.
RW:  I call, you dance.
     [They plop on a sofa.
RW:  That's the worst square dance I ever did.
RH:  Listen, nobody does the square dance anymore.  [see note]
RW:  Well, I do.
RH:  Yeah, but you're one in a million.
RW:  Well I did the Frog with you.
RH:  Not the Frog, Rachel, the Frugue.
RH:  Let's compromise.  Let's sit this one out.
RH:  Oh, Rachel.
RW:  Yes.
RH:  What?
RW:  What?
RH:  I can't hear you.
RW:  I didn't say anything.

RJ:  Pardon me.
RW:  Rita, can I help you with anything?
RJ:  I don't need any help until Norman gets here.

RJ:  I wonder if I should call mother and find out what's keeping him?
RH:  He'll be all right, Rita.  He's a big boy.

     [Rita sits as the scene ends.]

Note:  In episode 1, Rodney tells Betty that nobody goes to Niagra Falls 
       anymore.  That that is cornball. 

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