Episode 338 

in work

Dialog from episode 380:

Adrienne explains how she met Dr. Philip Van Leyden.

Actually, I met Dr. Van Leyden while on safari in Africa.  
I was hunting the famous off-stripe zebra, which as you probably know 
is the zebra with the stripes running the wrong way.  
I finally spotted one in the clearing.  
I took dead aim and fired.  
You can imagine my horror when I realized I had shot a man.  
That man turned out to be Dr. Van Leyden, who was wearing a striped 
It was awful. 

I met him at a party.  
Well, I guess it was some sort of charity affair.  
Yes, as you said, he was a genius.
Well, my part, of course, would be described as supportive, like any 
other wife.
I gave him affection, companionship, understanding.

Episode 380, scene 3