Episode 338, scene 5.

     Lee Webber drives Leslie in the limousine to the park where Peyton is 
     waiting on a bench. 

LW:  End of the line.
LH:  What's going on?
LW:  Mine is not to reason why, Mr. Harrington.

     [Mood music]
     [Lee Webber gets out of the limousine and goes around to open the 
     door for Leslie.] 

LH:  What's he doing out there?
LW:  Probably catching some ray's.  I do know he doesn't like to be kept 

     [Webber closes the rear door.]

MP:  Ah, hello, Leslie.  Glorious day.
LH:  What do you want?
MP:  Look around you, Leslie.  What do you see?

MP:  The innocence of youth.  New life burgeoning from every branch and 
     bush.  What more symbolic setting could we have for the commencement 
     of our new relationship? 
LH:  I don't know what you're talking about.
MP:  Well, you should.  You read my will.

LH:  What kind of an accusation is that?
MP:  No need to masquerade, Leslie.  Betty told me how you blackmailed her
     into bringing you that document.
LH:  I wouldn't have to resort to those kinds of tactics, unless you forced 
     me to. 
MP:  [laughs]  Well, those are the only kind of tactics you understand, 
     Leslie.  Don't waste your breath denying it.  The point is, that you 
     and I have reached a milestone.  After nearly 50 years of battle 
     royal we have finally arrived at a common goal. 
LH:  You want Rodney to inherit the estate?
MP:  Yes, I do.
LH:  Then why don't you just leave that to him?
MP:  Because he couldn't manage it.
LH:  I could.
MP:  Yes, Leslie, you could.  I've never doubted your administrative 
     ability, only your integrity. 
LH:  And how much do the conditions of that will say for your integrity, 
     naming Betty beneficiary if she leaves Steven and re-marries Rodney?  
     Your brain should be sent to the Smithsonian.  Teams of scientists 
     should disect it. 
MP:  [Laughs]  You object to the conditions of my will?
LH:  I see no reason for them.
MP:  But that isn't what I asked.
LH:  That will is going to be your epitaph.  It's going to give the world 
     a true picture of Martin Peyton.  A man totally corrupt, without 
     conscience or compassion. 
MP:  [Laughs]  Good try, Leslie.  But I'm not at all interested in my 
     image.  Particularly after I'm dead.  The conditions of my will are 
     firmly fixed. 
LH:  And if you die tomorrow?
MP:  That thought doesn't please you as much as it did three or four days 
     ago, does it?  I've given my dice into the hands of fate.  If my 
     number comes up before Rodney and Betty are brought together again, 
     then my much coveted fortune will be irretrievably lost.  Lost to 
     you, gained by a dozen charities. 
LH:  You're mad.
MP:  My fortune was made by a succession of gambles.  Why not put it on the 
     line again?  All or nothing.  What do you say, Leslie?  Shall we join 
     forces to keep that fortune in my family, or shall we watch it raked 
     off the table? 
LH:  What do you want me to do?
MP:  Help me remake the marriage you destroyed.
LH:  Why is it so important to you that Rodney be married to Betty?
MP:  Because Betty is the kind of woman that Rodney needs to make him a 
     whole man.  But more important, she hates you, Leslie.  You will never 
     control Betty the way you could control Rodney. 
LH:  Very clever.
MP:  [Laughs]  I thought so.
LH:  But you named me as trustee until Betty is thirty.  That means that I 
     could have power of attorney for a number of years.  If you are so 
     determined to prevent me from coming into control of your estate, why 
     do that? 
MP:  Well, that's a gamble I don't like.  But I had to have re-assurance you 
     would help me now. 
LH:  I see.  You have it all figured out, don't you?
MP:  Of course, I've already begun to together again.  The electricity 
     still seems to be there. 
LH:  Neither of them will do anything to hurt the marriage.
MP:  That's why I need you.
LH:  So you want me to put the pressure on Steven.  Hit him broadside with 
     the Blaine report.  And when he sees that Betty has had a string of 
     illicit relationships with unknown men, he'll make it unbearable for 
     her to stay with him. 
MP:  Precisely.

LH:  I want a guarantee.
MP:  You have it, in writing.
LH:  You could change that writing.  If they do get back together you could 
     remove my name as trustee. 
MP:  Yes, I could.  But you would help me all the same.  Because it's your 
     last chance to lay your hands on the fortune you thought you had in 
     your hip pocket before you married my daughter. 

MP:  Well, I would take you back to the mill, Leslie, but I'm sure you 
     would rather walk on such a beautiful day. 
LH:  How well you know me, Martin.
MP:  [laughs]  Indeed I do.

     [Webber hands gloves to Peyton.]

MP:  Webber.

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