PEYTON PLACE                                                    05-21-01

pisode 341, Scene 6.

     [A limousine drives up and parks in front of the mansion.  Inside, 
     the party has already assembled.  The limo driver gets out and goes 
     back to open the door.] 

MM:  They're here.
MP:  Ah.

     [Peyton follows Mary to the door.  Mary opens the door for Lt. Gov. 
     Lewis and his wife Adrienne.] 

MP:  Ah, Adrienne.
GL:  Martin.  It's been a long time.
MP:  Lewis.
GL:  Hello, Martin.
MP:  I'm delighted you could get away from the capitol.
GL:  Nice to see you again.
MP:  Thank you.
AL:  Well, I see the fire got you to do what I never could.  Modernize 
     the old place.  It's charming. 
MP:  The larger part of it is credited to a charming young lady with 
     excellent taste. 
AL:  Oh, young Mr. Cord's wife?
MP:  Uh, huh.  I'm very anxious for you to meet her.  You'll like her 
     Adrienne.  She has your style. 
GL:  I'm anxious to meet him.  If he's all you say he is, there are a 
     few Ideas I'd like to put in your head before we go back.  Or 
     perhaps they're already there. 
MP:  You won't be disappointed, Lewis.  Shall we go in?
     Good evening.

EC:  He's done it.
RH:  What?
EC:  Bagged his limit tonight.
EC:  Lt. Governor, Judge Chester, Carrie, the magazine publisher, 
     Malcolm Connors. 
RH:  Oh, why not?  Steven's debut, deserves it.
EC:  Well, that remains to be seen.  Clever isn't it, the way the old 
     man has gathered all the socialites on the guest list just to mask 
     the obviously political nature of the evening. 

JC:  Good Evening, Elliot.
EC:  Hello, Judge Chester.
JC:  Rodney.

JC:  Almost all the big shots here tonight, owe your grandfather a favor 
     one way or another.  Take for instance, Judge Chester's son.  He 
     used to play baseball with me.  One June night he had too much to 
RH:  Yes. that's right and Grandfather got the whole thing hushed up.
     But the fact remains, Elliot, Whether Grandfather sponsors Steven or 
     not, Steven has got what it takes He'll make it on his own.
     If he gets appointed, he'll do all right.
EC:  Oh, He'll get appointed all right.  The second in command assured 

MP:  Good evening, Elliot.
EC:  Good evening, Mr. Peyton.
MP:  Rodney, Can I speak with you for a moment.
RH:  Of course.  Excuse me, Elliot.
MP:  Rodney, I want you to go upstairs and see what's keeping Betty
RH:  She's probably waiting for Steven.
MP:  She's long overdue.  It's imperative that she come down immediately 
     and represent their interests.  The Lieutenant Governor's wife is 
     very anxious to meet her.  Please go upstairs and see what's the 
RH:  Anything you say. 

[Rodney goes upstairs.]
[Martin mingles.]

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