Episode 373, scene 7.

     Elliot Carson and Rodney are preparing to eat dinner with Norman 
     and Rita in the Harrington apartment as the white phone rings. 

EC:  Oh, that's probably Connie.  She's going to be late.  She dropped 
     her rope necklace and the beads are all over the dining room floor,  
     or something. 

NH:  Hello.
MP:  Norman?
NH:  Yes.  Who's this?
MP:  This is your grandfather.  Is Rodney there?
NH:  Is Rodney here?  Oh, I'm hurt.  You called my house and ask speak to 
MP:  I have no time to listen to your banter.  Is Rodney there?
NH:  Yeah, he's here.  Just a minute.

NH:  Hey, Rod.
RH:  Who is it?
NH:  Uh, what's his name.

RH:  Hello.
MP:  Rodney, I'm afraid something out of the ordinary has happened.
RH:  [Annoyed]  Grandfather, can't it wait?  We're about to sit down to 

MP:  Have you seen Betty today?
RH:  Betty.  No.  Why?
MP:  Well, she hasn't been back this evening and left no message.
RH:  Well, there are a lot of places she could be.
MP:  I know, but it's not like her.  She hasn't done anything like this 
     before.  I thought perhaps she might have been to see you. 
RH:  She hasn't.
MP:  Now I wasn't exagerating when I spoke to you yesterday.  There is 
     reason to be worried about Betty, and I am.  If you hear from her, 
     let me know at once, will you, Rodney?  
RH:  All right.
MP:  Goodbye. 

NH:  What's up?
RH:  Oh, nothing.  Betty just hasn't come home yet.  That's all.
NH:  So, why call you?

EC:  Well let's get back to the heavens, here now.  I didn't give you 
     that telescope for nothing.  But I want you to pay attention.  All 

          [Elliot tells the story of the Big Bear.]

          Now it seems that Zeus used to forget his godly status 
          once in a while and occasionally socialize with Callista.  
          And when Zeus' wife got wind of it, she flew into a blood 
          rage and she changed this beautiful nymph into a bear.  
          Now Zeus was beside himself.  He didn't know what to do.  
          He couldn't change her back, so he took this bear and he 
          flung her high up in the universe where he could look at 
          her for the rest of his life.  You see. 

          And that's why we have this Big Bear Constellation, Ursa 
          Major, which is right here.  [Elliot points].  How do you 
          like that? 


RJ:  Very good.
NH:  That just goes to show that you don't mess around with Hera.  Right, 
RJ:  Norm.
NH:  You just don't mess around.
EC:  Well, listen.  I think Constance is going to be late, so why 
     don't we just go ahead and have dinner?
RJ:  Yeah, why don't we?  Norm will you go out and get the leaf.
RH:  Can I help you, Rita?
RJ:  You can set the table.
RH:  Okay.

EC:  [To Norman]  You're a little rough, aren't you?
NH:  Well you have to be rough or he doesn't understand.  In case you 
     haven't heard, Betty is married to somebody else and I'd hate to 
     find my brother with his head bashed in one night.
RH:  Okay, why don't we get at the . . .
EC:  Oh, Rod, now listen.  Forget it.
RH:  I don't want to forget about it.  Listeen, grandfather is in a 
     panic.  He doesn't know where Betty is.  Like, maybe she stayed too 
     long at the fair.  Or something like that,  Huh? 
NH:  Are Betty and Steven having problems?
EC:  Look, they're just a young married couple.  All married couples have 
NH:  Are Betty and Steven having problems?
RH:  I don't know if they're having problems.
NH:  You know what I think?  I think Steven, our half-brother, is capable 
     of anything at all.
RH:  Listen, what I have to do to convince you that I'm not involved with 
     Steven's wife?
NH:  Just don't get any more calls asking about Steven's wife.

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