Episode 383, scene 1.
     Adrienne comes in Steven's law office.

AVL: Anybody for a fast game of hide and seek?
SC:  Find some other playmate.
AVL: Don't tell me you're too old for games.

SC:  Go home, Adrienne.
AVL: [Marlene Dietrich impression]  I have work to do.

     [Steven picks up his dictation machine microphone.]

SC:  A memo to the night watchman, at the close of each business day, will 
     you make sure all the doors to this building are kept locked.  Too 
     many undesirables wandering in at will. 
AVL: I have been called many things, but never undesirable. 
SC:  Well, consider this a first. 
AVL: All work and no play make Steven . . . [a dull boy] 

AVL: Very impressive.  Are you doing your homework for tomorrow?
SC:  I'm just about finished.
AVL: You were finished before you began.
SC:  Tell me that after the hearing.
AVL: It will be too late then.
SC:  I'll take that chance.
AVL: You're the one who's going to come off incompetent, not Martin 
SC:  Is that a fact, or wishful thinking?
AVL: [With a deep voice] Call Adrienne Van Leyden to the stand.  You 
     give me a preview? 
SC:  Sorry, only one performance.
AVL: Prosecutor will keep his eye on the witness' face.
SC:  You can wear a bikini, Adrienne.  It won't make any difference.
AVL: Oh, want to bet?
SC:  Everything I have.
AVL: You'll lose it all.
SC:  Easy come, easy go.
AVL: Steven, I can't sink my ship by testifying against Martin Peyton. 
     Even for somebody as attractive and stimulating and pure as you 
SC:  Well, You might not have any choice.  Get some beauty sleep, 
     Adrienne.  You seem frayed around the edges. 
AVL: I meant what I said, Steven.
SC:  Yes, you've said so much.
AVL: I'd chuck it all.  Martin's name.  His money.  Everything.  All you
     have to do is ask. 
SC:  Oh, I like that.  Sincere, humble, that catch in your voice.  
     Use it tomorrow and see how far it gets you.
AVL: She's not worth it.  Can't you see that, yet?  She's a spoiled 
     little social climber who considers you the bottom rung. 
SC:  Betty's my wife  . . .
AVL: . . . But you want me.
SC:  . . . and she's going to stay my wife, because she loves me. 
AVL: That's why you punish me?  You consider me wicked and immoral?
SC:  Betty is the only one I want.
AVL: Really?  Is that her name scrawled all over the pad?

     [mood music]

AVL: All work and no play . . .
SC:  Don't wear any makeup tomorrow.  Oh, maybe just a touch of lipstick.  
     A simple dress, preferably black, medium length.  And don't wear it 
     too high above the knee.  It will make you look cheap. Too low will 
     make you look dowdy.  And no dark glasses.  People who wear dark 
     glasses always seem to be hiding behind them. Even when they are 
     telling the truth, one tends to think they're lying through their 

SC:  End of consultation.
AVL: Likely to go for it?
SC:  My last generous act.  After that, every man for himself.
AVL: Thank you for the warning.

AVL: Sweet dreams, Steven.

     [Adrienne walks to the door.]

SC:  You're going to bleed, lady.  And after I'm through with you, no 
     one's going to call an ambulance. 

     [Adrienne throws him a kiss and leaves.]

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