Episode 383, scene 5.

  1. Mr. Jordan.
  2. Atty. Wm. Kennerly.
  3. Mrs. Foster.
  4. Adrienne Van Leyden.
[Courtroom of Judge Irwin A. Chester.] CC: Do you solemnly swear the testimony you are about to give will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help you God? MF: I do. WK: [Quietly] Do you know her? MP: [Quietly] Never saw her before. SC: Thank you for coming, Mrs. Foster. I know what an inconvenience it was. And what an ordeal it will be. Are you married? MF: I was. SC: Is your husband deceased? MF: No. We're divorced. SC: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Divorce is a devastating and often needless way to solve certain difficulties. SC: Can you tell us why it happened? MF: My husband was a rather well known and accomplished chaser. SC: You mean he saw other women while married to you? MF: Oh, he was discrete, but persistent. WK: Your honor, this is simply not germane to the issue of competency. JC: I must agree, Mr. Cord. Your witnesses thus far have testified directly to the issue at hand. SC: So does Mrs. Foster, your honor. Mr. Jordan testified as to Mr. Peyton's forgetfulness at the cemetary. Mr. Kennerly himself has testified as to the wills. I must ask that a-l-l testimony relate directly to competency. SC: I'm building a line, your honor. JC: Proceed, Mr. Cord. SC: You have stated that your husband saw other women while married to you. Mrs. Foster, what did you do about that? MF: Well, when I finally had enough of it, after 17 years, I decided to get a divorce. But, well, Charles just wouldn't hear of that. He was content with his life. He could pursue his hobby with having to deal with any lasting entanglemants. Well, you see. Charles was a conosseur. With a very large appetite. SC: What did you do? MF: Decided to feed that appetite. With a concoction he couldn't resist. SC: In other words, you hired someone to compromise your husband in order for you to obtain your divorce. MF: And to obtain a settlement. At the rate of a dollar an infidelity, I would be a very rich women. SC: How did you find this person? MF: Through a private detective agency? SC: Is that person you hired present in this courtroom? MF: Yes, she is. SC: Would you point her out? MF: There she is. That's the woman. SC: Let the record show that the witness indicated Adrienne Van Leyden. MF: Only then her name was Holland. SC: What happened? MF: She agreed. And then decided to play both sides of the street. SC: Will you explain that? MF: Oh, with pleasure. She knew a good thing She bled my husband dry while telling me she suspected something. She needed more time and more money. SC: You mean she lied to you? MF: She lied to both of us. Over and over. Until he had nothing, and I had less. She then coerced him into a final payment that sent him into bankruptcy. I was left with a broken man and a mountain of defts. I finally got out from under two years later. MF: I went to work. SC: Corobberation, your honor. JC: Witness is excused. SC: Thank you, Mrs. Foster. [Mrs. Foster gets up and goes to the back of the courtroom.] [mood music] SC: Call Adrienne Van Leyden to the stand. CC: Adrienne Van Leyden, please take the stand. Episode 383, Scene 5 HOME