Dialog from Episode 397.

     Eddie teaches Rita how to play Craps.

RJ:  Baby needs a new pair of shoes.
EJ:  What is it?
RJ:  Street car.
EJ:  Angel, it's Boxcar.
RJ:  Oh, I'll never get all the names straight.
EJ:  You're doing fine.
RJ:  But am I winning?
EJ:  Well, you just rolled craps.
RJ:  I'm losing.
EJ:  If you get a seven or eleven on the first roll, you win.  If you get a 
     two three or twelve, you lose. 
RJ:  What if I get something in between. 
EJ:  Now, that's called your point.  And if you roll it again before, you get 
     seven, you win.
RJ:  How much am I in to you for now, Big Louie.
EJ:  Shut and roll, Scarface.
RJ:  I forgot.  Ok.
EJ:  Little Joe.
RJ:  The hard way.
EJ:  Right.
RJ:  Why don't they just say four?
EJ:  Don't knock it.  A lot of the guys that I know, learned to add with 
     these things, including me. 
RJ:  It doesn't seem like all that much fun.
EJ:  Oh, honey.  It's more than fun.  It's living.  Once in Toledo, I 
     rolled 16 straight passes. 
RJ:  Passes? 
EJ:  Winners.
RJ:  Oh. 
EJ:  It was like drinking a bottle of champagne and then, oh, bailing out 
     of an airplane at 40,000 feet.  And every time they'd hand the dice 
     back to me the others, you know, they'd double or triple their bets.  
     They were figuring that this time this roll my luck would run out and 
     leave me in the cold.  But it didn't.  I kept raking it in.  Rolling 
     those cubes and racking it in.  $422. 
RJ:  And after the 16th pass? 
EJ:  Well, there wasn't anything after that.  They said the dice were loaded 
     and I'd palmed off a set of weights. 
RJ:  Did you? 
EJ:  Oh, no.  Oh, but by then a couple of guys grabbed me knocked me dizzy and took 
     off with the dough. 
RJ:  Couldn't you do something? 
EJ:  Those are the breaks.
RJ:  I'm sorry.
EJ:  Don't be.  16 straight passes.  That's something that happens once in 
     a lifetime.  It was worth it.  Almost.  Well, let me see if I've still 
     got the touch, huh? 

     Leslie comes in the room.

RJ:  It's a raid.
LH:  How are you feeling?
RJ:  Ready to run the four minute mile.
LH:  Well, that's good.  That's very good.
EJ:  How are things, Les?
LH:  A little slow Eddie.  A little slow.
RJ:  In case you don't know it, thank you.
LH:  For what.
RJ:  Putting up bail.
LH:  That's why I'm here, Rita.  Your father and I have a few more things 
to discuss.  Bail and its conditions.

EJ:  Well, visiting hours are almost over.
RJ:  Oh that's more important, you can see me any time.
EJ:       after you get some rest. 
LH:  Eddie.
EJ:  I'll see you later.
RJ:  Okay.

RJ:  Mr. Harrington.  Don't tell Dr. Rossi about our little game.  He might 
     close down the joint.

     Eddie and Leslie go out in the corridor.

LH:  Eddie, my office, first thing this morning, with that note, remember?
EJ:  What did you want me to do?  Give it to your secretary?  "For services 
     to be rendered, I promise to pay Eddie Jacks $50,000."  Now Mr. 
LH:  You were late with that note, this morning.
EJ:  You went to a little event called a funeral this morning.
LH:  Well I'm back now.
EJ:  I had to see Rita.
LH:  Not before you saw me.  Give.
EJ:  You think I'm stupid enough to carry it around with me?
LH:  You've done a lot of stupid things, Eddie.  That might be just one of 
EJ:  Well, I hate to disappoint you.
LH:  Then where is it?.
EJ:  Where I can lay my hands on it.
LH:  How long will it take?
EJ:  As long as I want it to.
LH:  Can't you hear it, Eddie?
EJ:  What?
LH:  That ice you're skating on,  it's beginning to crack.  And you're 
     going to go under if you don't get that note.
EJ:  What are you going to do, Les?
LH:  You'll find out.
EJ:  I'm curious.  You can't drag me down without falling in yourself.  And 
     knowing you, I don't think you'd like the water. 

LH:  I can withdraw bail. 
EJ:  Oh, no. 
LH:  How do you think that would affect, Rita. 
EJ:  You wouldn't do that. 
LH:  Oh yes, I would.  You want to buy time with Rita, it'll cost you that 
EJ:  Uh, One hour, your office.
LH:  That only works once, Eddie.  Wherever that note is, we'll find it 

     Dr. Rossi walks up.

EJ:  Oh, Dr. Rossi, got a minute?
MR:  No, I haven't.
EJ:  It's about Rita.
MR:  Well, there isn't any change in her condition.
EJ:  Well, that's what I want to talk to you about.
MR:  Leslie.
LH:  She seems to be doing just fine, Dr. Rossi.
EJ:  Well, I'm not so sure.
MR:  Exactly what the problem is?
EJ:  Couldn't we talk in your office.
LH:  Dr. Rossi's a very busy man, Eddie.
EJ:  You're not that busy, are you, doc.  You're not too busy to talk about 
MR:  All right.  I can give you a couple of minutes.  Come on in. 

LH:  Eddie, my office, as soon as you're through.
EJ:  I'll catch up with you as soon as I can.     

     Eddie and Rossi go in Rossi's office.

     Leslie gets some paper from miss Choate and writes a note.

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