Episode 404, scene 4.

     Dialog between Sandy Webber and Steven Cord.
     Steven is reading in the living room as the chimes ring.  Mary, 
     Rose Hobart, admits Sandy. 

SW:  I'd like to see Mr. Peyton, please.
M:   I'm sorry.  Mr. Peyton isn't in.
SW:  Well, I just want to talk to him.  May I please see him? 
M:   Mr. Peyton is out of town indefinately.
SW:  Look.  I was Lee Webber's wife and I would like very much to talk 
     to him.
     [From the living room.]
SC:  Mary, I'll see Mrs. Webber.

     [Mary escorts Sandy into the livingroom.]

SC:  Please sit down, Sandy.  

SC:  What do you want?
SW;  After all, I am the widow of the man you killed.
SC:  What do you want, Sandy?
SW:  Tell me, was it really an accident?  I've got to leave in a few 
     hours and it's too late now.  For Lee, that is.
SC:  Yes.  It was an accident.
SW:  Well, I believe you.  Lee was always asking for it.  But I guess 
     that's what made him exciting and made him dead. 
SC:  Are you handling the funeral?
SW:  Yeah, that's right.  And I'm all soft and gooey inside.  Man, I 
     hate this house.  It gives me the creeps.  You know, when I got 
     word of Lee's death, It was like somebody told me the cat fell 
     off the roof.  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  But, I was his wife 
     and I guess, I owe him a decent burial. 
SC:  All soft and gooey inside.
SW:  I'm going to sell his shack.  Oh, Excuse me, his house.  It 
     should bring a fortune.  And I'm going to get him a nice fancy 
     carved headstone.  His name on it.  The date he was born and 
     died. Did you know that his real name wasn't Lee, it was Leroy? 
SC:  I'm not sure you're going to be able to sell that house.
     Do you need any money, Sandy?
SW;  You know, you and your grandfather don't have big hearts.  But 
     you do have big check books.  

     Oh, You know, you the last time I was in this house. your 
     grandfather gave me an envelope with 50 dollar bills in it, to
     leave Rodney alone and disappear for good.  And you should have 
     seen his face when I threw the money all over the stairs. 
SC:  But you did disappear didn't you?
SW:  Yes, I did.  But not with his money.  And not because of it.  He 
     couldn't buy me off.  And neither can you. 
SC:  All right, forget it.  You can handle the funeral.  Maybe you 
     need something for your trip back to California. 
SW:  California.  That's where everyone goes for a fresh start, isn't it. 
     [Sandy looks at the portrait of Betty.]

SW:  Well, Good evening, Mrs. Cord.
SC:  Look Sandy.  If you need something, say so, otherwise . . .
SW:  And Mrs. Cord isn't going to be Mrs. Cord much longer so I've 
SC:  I'll show you the door.
SW:  I tried to tell you she and Rodney were just on the shelf just 
     waiting for a chance. 
SC:  This way.
SW:  I want to see Mr. Peyton.
SC:  Mr. Peyton is in a clinic in Boston.  He can't have any visitors.
     Send him a letter.  

     [Sandy shows Steven the watch.]

SW:  It's broken.  The hands are stopped at the exact time Lee died.
     "To Martin, on the occasion of his 21st birthday.  April 12, 
     1910.  Love, father." 
SC:  That's my grandfather's watch.
SW:  Yes, Mr. Peyton's watch, given to him by his father.
SC:  Let me see it.  Where did you get it?
SW:  The cops gave it to me.  It was part of Lee's effects.  And I 
     want to give it back.
SC:  Why?
SW:  Well, at first I thought Lee stole it.  The cops thought so too.  
     So they asked Mr. Peyton.  But he said no.  He had given it to 
     Lee.  So I want to give it back to him.  Just like I gave the 
     money back.  Because I think it's bad luck.  Like everything from 
     this house is bad luck. 
SC:  I'll see that he gets it.
SW:  It's kind of funny, isn't it?  Your grandfather gives an old 
     valuable family keepsake like this to Lee and not to one of his 
SC:  Mr. Peyton was very upset.  I'm sure he didn't realize what he 
     was saying to the police.
SW:  Yeah.  Rodney steals your wife.  Your grandfather treats his 
     chauffeur like a long lost son instead of you.  I would say 
     you're very down on your luck. 
SC;  Give me the watch, Sandy.
SW:  Sure.  

SW:  Goodbye, Mr. Cord, and good luck.

     [Sandy leaves.]

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