Episode 410, scene 7.

     Dr. Rossi talks with Norman after leaving Rita's hospital room.

NH:  Did you hear what she was saying?
MR:  Some of it.
NH:  She's glad.  She's happy the baby didn't live.
MR:  I know, Norman.
NH:  She thinks the whole thing was one a big mistake.
     Now everybody's better off.
MR:  Norman, you know how much Rita wanted that baby.  Now she's lost it.  
     She needs something, anything to help rationalize away that loss.
NH:  When will she stops rationalizing?
MR:  Depends on how much help we give her.
NH:  How much does she need?
MR:  I don't know.
NY:  That's the catch, isn't it?  What happens if she needs more than we 
     can give? 

[Norman walks off toward the entrance to the reception room.]

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