Dialog from Episode 422, scene 2.

    Steven interrogates Eddie Jacks.

EJ: How could you ask such horrible questions?
Q.  When you arrived at the warehouse, was Joe Chernak there?
A.  Yes.
Q.  And Joe and his friends were drinking?
A.  Yes.
Q.  Were they teamed up in couples?
A.  Yes.

EJ: You had to do it this way, huh.  Look at me.
SC: Keep reading a little longer, Eddie.

Q.  What happened after you arrived at the warehouse? 
A.  I was introduced to Joe.
EJ: Now, wasn't that enough?  Did you have to go on?  Did you have to 
    spell it out?   My daughter must have been in tears.
SC: Keep reading.
EJ: My daughter must have been in tears.

Q.  You had to be turned over to Joe Chernak.  Those were the rules.
    Joe Chernak's rules.  A new girl had to be turned over to him.  Isn't 
    that right? 
A.  Yes.  Yes.  It's true. EJ:  Cord.  I could. 
Q.  What did they make you do, Rita?
A.  It was the rule.  It was their rule.  I had to do whatever Joe told me 
    to do.
T.  Note: At that point the witness began go cry.  
EJ: Well, of course, she began to cry.  She was what 18 years old, sitting 
    up there in the witness stand.  Opening up her life for the whole 
    world to see. 

Q.  And then you belonged to Joe Chernak.  Is that right?
Q.  Is that right?
A.  Yes, yes, yes.  Then I belonged to him.
EJ: You.
      [Eddie slams transcript down and walks over to the window.]

EJ:  You went out of your way to push my daughter into the mud.
SC:  I was defending Rodney against a charge of murdering Joe Chernak.  
     I had to open up the character of Joe Chernak.  
EJ:  The very fact that you destroyed Rita's self respect.  That was just, 
     uh, too bad, huh?
SC:  Rita volunteered to take the stand to help Rodney.  And she did help him.
EJ:  She's still paying for what happened in that warehouse.  What you made 
     her admit in public.
SC:  Well, I can't believe that.  I've seen Rita.  She seems to be handling 
     her life remarkably. 
EJ:  Oh, really?  Let me tell you something.  Everything that happened to 
     her is coming back.  And it's coming back to her like it all happened 
SC:  Well, you've got Dr. Rossi taking care of her, haven't you?  
EJ:  Yeah but he's part of the problem.  That is, his brother Joe is the 
     problem.  The first time that Rita met Joe Rossi, she got him mixed up with 
     Joe Chernak.  It's driving her up the wall.  Now, I don't care whose 
     brother he is.  Joe Rossi has got to get lost. 
SC:  Now look, Eddie.  I understand your feelings.
EJ:  He's leaving town.  He's shoving off.  And never coming back.
SC:  Eddie, I understand your feelings.
EJ:  And never coming back.
SC:  But, you've got to slow down for a moment.  Now, you've got to stop 
     and think. 
EJ:  Oh, really.  About what?
SC:  The consequences.
EJ:  For who?
SC:  You want to help your daughter, now?  Now that you've read this.  Then 
     leave Joe Rossi alone. 
EJ:  Oh, anything you say councilor.
SC:  Save it, Eddie.  Save the sarcasm.  There's nothing you can say that I 
     haven't said myself.
EJ:  Joe Rossi is going to leave town.
SC:  Now, you're building a case aren't you.  
EJ:  Maybe.
SC:  You're building a case and you want to hurt him.  So Rita does see Joe 
     Chernak in Joe Rossi.  So did you, Eddie.  You might have been able to 
     keep Rita if you had been around.  But you can't make up for that now 
     by pushing this other Joe around.  Now, you've missed your time, my 
EJ:  I can't afford your advice, Mr. Cord.  And I don't want your advice. 
     Eddie Leaves, slamming the door.
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