Episode 425 scene 4.

in work

SC:  I'll drink to that.  Sure you won
     No thank 
     fitting shou alone
     Oh, I forgot
    It's a courtesy, Steven.  I'm Mrs. Cord's Attorney [Betty]
    with the good
    I'd like so rude, Steven
    stick aroung
    Good night
    What's the
    routine matter
    lacking.  A lawyer pro con Betty Rodney
    see what that masterful stroke and he's paid me back
    love child
    It this nec
    am I embarassing
    Rod and Betty's weddi
    never gets mad
    Mr. Peyton may manipulate
    I wonder how it happened?
Rod and betty and me
marbles if and when Rodney
by the way
And we were all determined
I think you can snswer that
Well, now
Thanks for the special
nothing special, Steven
I'm not at liberth to say
[Atty   leaves.]

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