Episode 433 scene 1.

     Carolyn Russell is talking with Rev. Tom Winter in the Cider Barrel 

TW:  So you want answers?
CR:  If you've got them.
     something kooky like th truth.
     [Waitress brings food.]
TW:  Thank you.
You'll understand when you grow\
possibly be trying to protect you
CR:  From what?
to admit
hurt each other
because they don't love each other any more.
rushing out
They haven't tried
I talked with your parents.  Both of them
Would you want them to live a lie, just to satisfy
One day daddy came home, like he alway
The next day was taking to a lawyer about mental cruelty.
I'll talk to your mother
CR:  Haven't you heard?  It's official
     you take the refrigerator, I'll take the television
     horizontally or vertically
This time it's it's luggage.
TW:  Why should your mother feel guilty?
CR:  Yes.
She needs you
You're the only one you have now.
taking you to New York.
and why do we have to move to New York.
for both of you
I'll even if they are a few thousand miles apart
do what you're told
Carolyn.  I've been telling you the truth.
between you and them
Well I might
cop out
[Carolyn gets up and rushes out.]

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