Episode 420 scene 7:

     Cider Barrel

NH:  Thank you for your time, Rev. Winter.

NH:  He's all yours Laurie.
     (Norman starts to leave, and comes back in.)
NH:  I do some funny things, sometimes.  Well, like once I walked in and 
     out of a theater three times.  You're right.  I am angry beause I 
     came to you for help, which I don't like to do.  Because it means 
     that I can't handle my own problems.  I guess that's my problem. I 
     want help for Rita.  If you can help her, that's all I care about. 
TW:  I'll try.
NH:  I'll let you know after I talk to Rita.
TW:  Fine.
NH:  Thanks.
TW:  I haven't done anything yet.
     (Norman leaves.)
     (phone rings.)
W:  Telephone Rev. Winter.  It's White River.
TW: Oh, Thank you.
     (Rev. Winter talks with Mr. Allen, Innkeeper.)
TW:  This is Reverend Winter.
MA:  Reverend, this is Mr. Allen.  I run this motel on the other side of 
     White River.
TW:  Yes.
MA:  Is your wife named Susan?
TW:  Yes, that is correct.
MA:  Well, she's here.  And she's in pretty bad shape. I thought I'd better 
     call you. 
TW:  I appreciate that very much.
MA:  There will be a few charges.
TW:  Whatever it costs is unimportant.
MA:  She's done an awful lot of shouting.
TW:  I can ...  I can be there in 30 minutes.
MA:  This is tough for me to say.  I have to keep her locked in.
TW:  Good.
MA:  She wanted another bottle, but I ...
TW:  No, no, no.  You were quite right.  Don't give her anything.
MA:  You want me to keep an eye on her til you get here?
TW:  Good.
MA:  I'm pretty sure she's all right.
TW:  Thank you.
MA:  Goodbye.

End of call.

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