Episode 440 scene 4.

     Dialog between Eli and the Carsons:

Eli: Whoopie. Ha, ha, ha.
EC:  Whoopie, yourself.
Eli: I was just sitting here wishing I could talk to you and Connie.
EC:  Well, you'd never guess in a million years where we're staying.
     Remember the old bay?  
Eli: Well, I'll be double darned.  We even have the cabin next to the one 
     you and I had. 
Eli: That's where we loafed for a whole week before you went into the navy.
EC:  Loafed.  We fished our heads off.
CM:  And thats all we've been doing since we got here.
Eli: Connie, dear?
CM:  You sound just the same, Eli.
Eli: Say, Before I forget, I wanted to tell you I rented the house.
EC:  Well, that's quick.  Who did you rent it to?
Eli: Mrs. Russell and her Daughter Carolyn.  Connie knows her.  She used to 
     be a customer.
EC:  How long is the lease?
Eli: Just for the summer.
EC:  Don't you think it would have been more practical to wait for 
     somebody who might have leased it for a year or two? 
Eli: Now that a point that clould be argued either way.  Anyhow, it's 
     been done.  Look here.  You haven't told me anything about my grandson.
EC:  He's getting bigger and smarter every day.
Eli: Why don't you tell me something I don't know?
EC:  Ha, ha, ha.  I'll turn you over to Connie, then.
Eli: Connie?
CM:  I'm here, Eli.
ELI: What about Matthew?  Any new tricks?
CM:  Oh, yes.  He learning to put words together, you know.  Two or 
     three at a time.
Eli: Pretty soon, It'll be whole sentences.  And then he'll be able to 
     talk to grandpa on the phone and give me the news himself.
CM:  It won't be long.
Eli: I can't tell you how many times I've sat in this room and held 
     whole conversations with him since you've been gone. 
CM:  He misses you, too, Eli.  You know, there's a handyman here with a 
     mustache just like yours.  And everytime he passes by Matthew says, 
     "Bom-pa. Bom-pa."
Eli: In a month, Bom-pa will be forgotten.
CM:  Not a chance.  You know, as soon as we get settled in our new house, 
     you're going fly down for a visit. 
Eli: That will be something to look forward to.
CM:  Take care of yourself, Eli.  Here's Elliot.
EC:  Dad, stay well and keep busy.
Eli: Sure.
EC:  Goodbye.
Eli: Bye, son.

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