Episode 484 scene 5.

     Dialog between Betty and Chuck Atwell.
     knock at door.

BA:  Come on in.  I've been expecting you.
CA:  Good Evening miss Harrington.  I'm sorry I was delayed at the 
     hospital.  I hope I'm not too late. 
BA:  Oh, that's all right.  Come, let me show you the house.
CA:  Oh, first things first.  You need a ramp.
BA:  Oh, Yes, I was wondering about that.
CA:  You can put one right over the front steps.
BA:  You do realize that Rod said he was going to walk into this house?
CA:  Get a ramp.  There's a rental agency in White River.
BA:  Well, I don't think you quite understand how important it is for 
     Rod to be able walk in.  I realize that he'll need some kind of a 
     support.  But a wheelchair would be wrong. 

CA:  I understand, Miss Harrington.  Really, I do.  I've been working 
     with that husband of yours for a long time.  And I know how much he 
     is wanting to walk in here under his own power.
BA:  Well then if you do...
CA:  If he can make the steps, fine.  But the ramp goes in.
BA:  Well, I suppose you're right.  Come on, I'll show you the rest of 
     the house. 

     Chuck atwell notices the portrait of Betty. 

CA:  Oh, that's beautiful painting of yours.  You know, it's like most 
     paintings.  It doesn't quite look like you.
BA:  Uh, Excuse me.  Shouldn't we continue this gran tour?
CA:  All right.
BA:  Here is the livingroom.  We eat over there.  And that's the 
     kitchen.  As you can see, there's isn't much for Rod to navigate. 
CA:  Fine.  It's real good.  It's compact.
BA:  Uh, we sleep right up there.
CA:  Oh, no.
BA:  The steps are pretty steep, aren't they.
CA:  It's Impossible.  All right.  Look, we'll concentrate on this area.  
     Okay.  We can make a couple of changes.  Lets get this sofa out of the 
     way.  And this, uh whatever.  And we can put a bed right in here. 

BA:  No.  I think that the bed should go right back here.  Now this way 
     it wouldn't look so conspicuous.
CA:  No.  It won't work.
BA:  Why?
CA:  Not enough fresh air.
BA:  You certainly don't think Rod should be on top of the window.  
     He'll catch cold.  
CA:  He's used to a lot of air.  In the hospital, he sleeps with the 
     windows wide open every night.  And don't forget those rooms are 
     very small. 

BA:  Yes, you're right.  I'll get someone to move that bed down here.  I 
     guess it won't look too bad if I can put a lot of cushions on it. 
CA:  Well, I wouldn't go to the trouble of moving that big bed down her
BA:  Well that happens to be the only bed we have.
CA:  If I could make a suggestion, I'd call that rental agency tomorrow 
     and tell them to send you a regular hospital bed with the rail 
BA:  A hospital bed?
CA:  It's your best bet.  It's efficient.  It's comfortable.  Rod's used 
     to it. 
BA:  No.  I don't think that's a good idea at all.  Besides It'll look terrible.
CA:  Well, I wouldn't worry how it looks.
BA:  Well, I'm sure you wouldn't, Mr. Atwell.  But maybe that's because 
     you're his therapist and not his wife. 
CA:  Oh?
BA:  Don't you realize that Rod is sick and tired of being in a hospital.  
     Or hadn't it occured to you that one of the reasons he wants to 
     come home is so that he can get away from small rooms and hospital 
     beds and hospital routines. 

CA:  But I thougt you'd want what's best for him.
BA:  I do.  But I don't want to keep reminding him of his handicap 
     every minute of the day and night. 
CA:  Okay.  But Rod has a definite program which I laid down for him and 
     it's my understanding that he's going to stick with it just like he 
     would in the hospital. 

BA:  Well, I certainly hope your program doesn't include turning our 
     home into an infirmary or a barracks. 
CA:  Anything you want, Miss Harrington.  Look. it's getting a little 
     late and I think I've seen everything I need to.  I'll leave this 
     card here for you.  It's a rental agency.  Now, you call them and 
     you make whatever arrangements you want. 
BA:  Thanks.  Good night.
CA:  Good night.

     Chuck Atwell leaves.

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