Dialog from Episode 492 scene 5.

     Eli and Maggie are dining with Norman and Rita.

RJ:  Mrs. Riggs, would you care for a biscuit?
MR:  No thank you.
RJ:  How about you, Mr. Carson?
EC:  Oh, I don't believe so, no.

NH:  Mr. Carson, that capstan you had in the back room, there.  I looked 
     for it the other day and it wasn't there.  What happened?
EC:  I sold it.
NH:  You're kidding.
EC:  No.  Fellow that owns one of those new homes up on the golf course.  
     He wanted to put it on his front lawn. 
RJ:  That rusty old thing?
EC:  Yeah, said he was going to plant ivy around it.  I got a darn good 
     price for it, too. 
MR:  I don't doubt it, considering what you're asking for your apples.  
     Pure robbery.
EC:  Madame, those happen to be first quality premium apples.
MR:  Mr. Riggs would have fed culls like that to the hogs.  And he was 
     never one to waste. 
EC:  With all due respect to your late husband, ma'am, he had a lot to 
     learn about apples.
RJ:  Uh, let's all have some desert, all right?
EC:  That was mighty good roast.
RJ:  Thanks, Mr. Carson.
MR:  Especially for pot-luck.  Seems like a company dinner to me.
RJ:  Yeah, I better take these out.
EC:  I'll help you. [stands].

RJ:  Thank you. 
EC:  You know I'd have been a mite more dressed up if you told me a lady 
     was coming here to supper.  I would have put on my good suit.
RJ:  I'm sorry, Mr. Carson, it just sort of came up.  You know.
EC:  You young people.
RJ:  Would you mind carrying the coffee in for me.
EC:  Okay.                
NH:  Here, let me help you.

RJ:  Mr. Carson, you're in for a real treat.  Blueberry pie.  Genuine 
     home baked.  I can't wait for you to taste it.  Tell me what you 
EC:  Blueberry Pie.  All right.  We'll give it a try.  
     [takes a bite.]
EC:  Oh, that's a mite tart. 
MR:  Blueberries are supposed to be tart.
EC:  Well, this could use a lot more sugar.
MR:  If you like eating syrup.
EC:  However, it's not bad for a first try.  
MR:  A first try.  I'll have you know that my pies have taken prizes at 
     the Sill's County Fair, 27 years running. 
EC:  Oh, you mean to say, that this is yours.
MR:  Yes.
EC:  I put my foot in it again.  I beg your pardon, ma'am.
MR:  No need.  I best be getting home.
RJ:  Oh, so soon?
MR:  Well, I've got a long walk and the cat's waiting to be fed.
EC:  Well now.
RJ:  Wouldn't you like to stay for coffee, at least.
MR:  Keeps me awake.  I think I've had enough excitement for one evening.
EC:  Well, I guess we all have.  I think I'll go along to.  Norman, bring 
     my coat.
RJ:  Well, Mr. Carson, if you're going straight home, 'cause, if you are, 
     maybe you wouldn't mind driving Mrs. Riggs.  I was going to ask 
     Norm, But as long as you live so close together. 
EC:  Oh, I'd be glad to.
MR:  I'd just as soon walk.
No.  No, no.  I have the car, I'll drive you.  A pleasure.
RJ:  Thank you, Mr. Carson.  We enjoyed having you.  Hope you can come 
     again sometime, soon. 
EC:  Well.
MR:  Thank you, dear.
RJ:  Night.
EC:  Norman.
RJ:  Goodnight, Mr. Carson.

     [Eli and Maggie leave]

RJ:  The next time we want to try matchmaking, you remind me, and I'll 
     remind you.  Okay.

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