Episode 505, scene 2.

     Susan Winter comes down stairs into the bar area of the Inn.  
       Draper gives her a drink.]

SW:  Thank you.
       [Fred takes a drink.]
SW:  Hello, there, Slugger.
FR:  Some other time, Susan.
SW:  You and Dr. Rossi make an awful lot of noise.
FR:  I didn't notice you.  Where were you?  In the hospital?  Coming out?
SW:  In the hospital?
FR:  When you heard the two of us?
SW:  I think one of us has had too much to drink.  I live down the hall 
     from you.  I saw Dr. Rossi pounding on your door. 
FR:  Oh, that.  I thought you were talking about just now.  We ran into 
     each other again, outside the hospital. 
SW:  Really?  Well, like the old time boxing fight, huh?  When they 
     were illegal two guys would have a go at it for 20 or 30 rounds       
     and the cops would come to break it all up.  But than a couple of 
     hours later in another part of town under a pier somewhere they 
     would start all over again. 
       [Fred gets up and walks over to the bar and Susan.]
FR:  Draper, may I have another one of these, please.
FD:  Yes, Mr. Russell.  I'll bring it right over.
FR:  I'll take it right here.
       [Fred sits.]
FR:  Just how much did you hear?
SW:  Oh, just a lot of shouting.
FR:  He's on some kind of wild tear.  You saw him, didn't you, Draper?
FD:  Sir?
FR:  Dr. Rossi.
FD:  Oh, Yeah.  He had a pretty good head of steam.  He came charging 
     in.  Rushed right through here.  I thought there would be trouble, 
     but I figured you could handle it, Mr. Russell. 
FR:  I'm not so sure about that.  I've seen angry people before.  The 
     good doctor is completely insane. 
SW:  Well, I don't blame him.

SW:  Fred, what are you hanging around town for?
FR:  Not you, too?
SW:  You know something, Fred.  I'm disappointed in you.  The lady 
     dumped you.  Dumped as in trash can. 

FR:  He's not going to get away with it.  I'll tell you that.
     Chief-of-staff of the hospital.  Big man on campus.
     Beloved by all who know.  Underneath all that, he's got a lot of 
     jealousies and hate.
SW:  Haven't you got this thing turned inside out?  Aren't you 
     describing yourself?
       [Fred stands to lleave.]
FR:  Draper, would you send this up to my room, please?
SW:  Now, come on Fred.  I'll be good.
       [Fred sits.]
FR:  Forget it, Draper.  You know, I'm beginning to remember you.
SW:  Welcome.  To the trash can.
          [They drink.]
          [End of scene]

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