Episode 507 scene 8.

in work

     Doctors Hospital.  Dr. Miles comes in.

HM:  Mike. x-rays all set.  We're going to have a look at them.
MR:  I'll come back and tell you  Anything at all.
MR:  What do you think Harry?  Have you seen them?
     What do you make of that sergeant.
     He sure is.
     Well then emergency.
WWW: What are you.  Some kind of medical authority.

     Well, you're right Dr. Retton.
HM:  Look at this, Mike.
     shifted way over
MR:  How far do you figure the shift is?
     I'd say two centimeters.
     increased pressure, too
MR:  Harry, what 
HM:  I think we ought to go right ahead and drain it.
DR:  No since stalling.  the pressure bui
     Thank you, doctor.

MR:  Who's going to assist, Harry?
HM:  Jenkins.  He's a good man, Mike.

Marsha:  Is it critical?
  Is he going to die?

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