Sailors' Bluff:
277. Fowler examines Cris about the ledge and cave at Sailors' Bluff.

290. Rachel considers the hospital a sanctuary.

Sandy Webber:
275. Sandy Webber skulks outside the Shoreline Garage.
276. Sandy visits Lee in his jail cell.
277. Sandy goes to the Peyton mansion.
277. Sandy and Martin Peyton play peek-a-boo.
277. Betty observes Rodney driving Sandy in his convertible.
285. Sandy meets up with Betty on the wharf.

041. Greenvale Sanitarium in Green Valley, Massachusetts.
043. Betty visits George Anderson at the sanitarium.

Scene of the crime:
186. Jury visits the wharf.

284. Rachel tells Eli that Al Schafer was accused of poisoning a dog 
     named Rusty. 

024. Dr. Rossi learns that Dr. Joe Bradley did not include Dr. Schimner 
     in the autopsy of Catherine Peyton Harrington.

289. Derek camp, Derek Schultz played Matthew Carson.
     He is now a computer programmer.

070. David Schuster becomes manager of the Peyton Mill.
189. Norman throws a snow ball at David and Kim Schuster.

277. Dr. Rossi makes Rachel drop the scissors.

181. Mr. Scott, the department store clerk who sold luggage to Stella.

287: Eli tells baby Matthew about the four oceans and the thirteen seas.

001. Laura Harrington Brooks becomes Dr. Rossi's secretary.
001. Julie anderson is Leslie Harrington's secretary.
046. Julie Anderson is now Dr. Rossi's secretary.
047. Theodore Dowell has an elderly secretary.

Sharon Purcell:
036. Betty meets Sharon.
041. Betty leaves Sharon and NYC.

Ships Chandlery.
055. Attorney William Robert Wainright comes in the Ships Chandlery to 
     talk with Elliot Carson.

Shoreline Cafe:
     Betty dances.
     Rodney dates Allison.
     Jeff plays the keyboard.
052. Norman and Bud arrive at the Shoreline Cafe. 

Shoreline Garage:
281. John Fowler talks with Rodney about Peyton testifying.
     Martin Peyton visits Rodney.
     Betty visits Rodney.
     Jack Chandler buys a battery.
     Ann Howard buys a car.

050. DR. R. B. MORTON sign on door.
289. A NO VISITORS sign is on Rachel's door.

     Betty sings to a little girl in the hospital.
124. Doris Schuster sings "This is the way we clean out house."
     A barbershop quartet sings at the Founders Day celebration.

Ski Mask:
391. Norman Harrington

275. Sandy Webber skulks outside the Shoreline Garage.

105. Smokestack at the mill.

276. Norman snoops in an old log cabin.

Snow Ball Fight:
189. Norman, Kim, and David on the square.

Sodium pentothal:
280. Thiopental sodium is truth serum.

Sports car:
044. Paul drives Allison home in his british sports car.

xxx. Leslie and Catherine Peyton Harrington.
     Calvin Hanley and wife.
     Dr. Robert and Grace Morton.
     Dr. Vincent Markham and Dr. Clare Morton Markham
     Lee and Sandy Webber.
     Norman and Rita Harrington.
     Rodney and Betty Harrington.
     Steven and Betty Cord.
     Theodore and Agnes Dowell.
     Elliot and Elizabeth Hanley Carson.
     Elliot and Constance Carson.
     John and Marian Fowler.
     Eli and Mary Carson.
     Joe and Jill Rossi.
     Dr. Donald and Laura Harrington Brooks.
     Eddie and Ada Jacks.
     David and Doris Schuster.
     Mr. and Mrs. Burrows.
     Gus and Anna Chernak.
     George and Julie Anderson.
     Eddie and Ada Jacks.

Squire.  Katherine Squire:
283. Mrs. Burrows is played by Kathering Squire.
283. Kathering Squire was in Episode 82 of Twilight Zone,"One More 
     PallBearer."  She played Mrs. Langford, teacher.

286. Rachel stabs herself in the police station.

279. Mr. Stacy is the new owner of the pharmacy.

285. Constance is coming down the stairs in the Carson house as the 
     phone rings. 

Stella Chernak:
139. Stella testifies against Rodney Harrington.
182. Stella buries Gus.
182. Stella testifies against Rodney Harrington.

277. Steven goes into the Pharmacy where Rita is working.
277. Steven fusses with Rodney about Sandy Webber.
280. Hannah tells Betty she was protecting Steven by not telling
     him of his true parentage.
281. In his law office Steven talks with Betty.
284. Steven leaves his house with his golf bag.
286. Steven drinks in the tavern.

277. Norman storms into the hospital reception room.

041. Amzie Strickland plays Lucy Frisby.

Stuyvesant Cave:
277. Cris Webber mentions Stuyvesant Cave.
277. Peter Stuyvesant was a Dutch colonialist and official.  
     He was a member of the Dutch Reform Church and was an 

190. John Fowler and Steven Cord give their summations.

026. Dr. Joe Bradley had been a surgeon and operated on Matthew Swain.
     He returned later as a pathologist.

Swain.  Matthew Swain:
001. Matthew introduces himself to Dr. Michael Rossi.
027. Matthew Swain tells Dr. Rossi that five years earlier, Dr. Robert 
     Morton took over for Dr. Joe Bradley in his last operation which 
     was on Swain.