Amzie Strickland

Lucy Frisby
Friend of Matthew Swain.
Taught Matthew Swain violin for a while.
Episodes 7, 41, 46, 68

Amzie Strickland starred in more than 500 TV series.

Andy Griffith Show:
009. 1-07 11-14-60 Andy the Matchmaker
                     Amzie Strickland-Miss Rosemary, Barney's first girl friend.
063. Deputy Fife
                      Amzie Strickland-Miss Rosemary
144. (143) 01-04-65 Barnie Fife, Realtor-
                      Amzie Strickland-Lila Sims 
162. (164) Bazaar                       -Myra Tucker.
165. (169) Aunt Bee on TV                        -Myra Tucker.
1962    Amzie Strickland-Verlaine Campbell 
1962    Amzie Strickland-Mrs. Ralph Camnpbell 

I Love Lucy:
The Fashion Show
               Amzie Strickland-

Mary Tyler Moore show:
069. 11-06-63 Who and Where was Antonio Stradavarius
               Amzie Strickland-

Perry Mason:
134. 11-25-61 Left Handed Liar-Clara Prentice

Three's Company:
     Jack's Other Mother-Gladys Moore.

1990 Pretty Woman
        Amzie Strickland-
        Julia Roberts-
        Richard Gere-