Allison Mackenzie
001. Norman walks Allison home.
001. Allison walks to Clarion to take her Teen Talk column to Matthew Swain. 
001. Rodney drives Allison back home.
001. Constance interrogates Allison about Norman and Rodney.
002. Allison rushes to get the large envelope from her publisher.
002. Allison comes in the kitchen and sees Constance, white as a ghost.  
002. Constance sees a picture of Dr. Rossi in the Clarion.
003. Rodney gives Allison and her plethora of books a lift to school.
004. Rodney and Allison go on their first date.
005. Allison runs into Dr. Rossi in front of the Book Gallery.
006. Allison shows Constance dress she is wearing for her date with Rodney.
006. Allison asks what her uncle Matt is fixing for supper that Saturday 
007. Allison and Rodney sit at a table in the Shoreline. 
007. Betty comes over and wants to talk with Rodney.  He doesn't. 
007. Rodney and Allison go for a drive and park.  They start to kiss. 
008. Allison greets her mother and Dr. Rossi in the house. 
009. Allison is embarassed when Rodney tells her that he loves her. 
009. Allison goes to the Harrington Sunday brunch with Rodney. 
009. Norman brings Allison a plate of food. 
010. Allison has won a prize at the festival, with Rodney.
010. Rodney and Allison dance on the bandstand.
011. Jimmy, a motorcycle rider, bothers Allison.
012. Matthew goes to the Clarion and finds Allison waiting for him.
012. Matthew tells Allison about Rodney and Betty's car wreck.
013. Rodney tells Allison that he loves her.
015. Allison goes over and talks with the newly married Betty.
015. Allison comes back from the Inn with six blue-berry muffins.
015. In the playground, Norman goes over to Allison who is in a swing. 
016. Constance calls and tells Allison she won't be home for dinner.
016. Allison waits up for Constance to get the details of her date.
017. Matthew talks with Allison in the Book Gallery.
017. Allison helps Constance select a coat in Les Femmes.
019. Norman brings Allison home.
023. Allison is carrying a plethora of books.
023. Rodney's mother-in-law, Julie, works in George's insurance office.
026. Rodney talks with Allison in the library.
026. George drives up outside and talks with Rodney and Allison.
027. Matthew Swain gets off the bus and talks with Allison.
028. Allison returns home from a movie at the college.
028. Allison asks her mother if she is in love with Dr. Rossi.
029. Allison invites Betty in the Mackenzie house and goes to college.
029. Allison comes over to Norman who is sitting in a swing at the playground.

     Allison is hit by Marian Fowler.
157. Allison has a visitor.
163. Eli brings Allison a thing-a-ma-jig.
185. Allison walks on metal crutches in hospital.
186. Eli visits Allison without a thing-a-ma-jig.
187. Allison visits the courtroom.
190. Allison prepares to go home from the hospital.
262. Allison is hospitalized.
263. A freed Lee Webber has harsh words with Allison.
264. Allison disappears.

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