BRIDES, Brides-to-be, and wanna-be brides

Betty                Constance            Rita Charmaine       Ann Howard
Anderson marries     Mackenzie            Jacks                was engaged
Rodney Harrington    marries              marries              to Dr.
White River          Elliot Carson        Norman Harrington    Michael Rossi
Episode 14           Episode 70           Episode 171          Episode 206
Betty Anderson       Adrienne             Rachel Welles        Susan Winter
marries Steven       Van Leyden           desires Dr. Rossi    wants Steven Cord
Episode 204          Episode 421          Episode 339          Episode 423
Betty Anderson       Jill Smith           Maggie Riggs         Marsha Russell
marries Rodney       marries Joe Rossi    and Eli Carson       and Dr. Rossi
Episode 436          Episode 473          Episode 505          Episode 513