Christopher Connelly
Norman Harrington

09-08-41 to 12-07-88

Norman Harrington was Rodney's younger brother.  He married Rita 
Charmaine Jacks and they lived in the old Hanley apartment over the 
Pharmacy.   Paul lived in the apartment only a few days.

Christopher Connelly 

1972 They Only Kill Their Masters 
1974 Benji 
1974 Invasion of Carol Enders 
1976 Hawmps
1976 Plus Benji's Life Story 
1976 Hawmps! Plus Benji's Life Story 
1977 Incredible Rocky Mountain Race 
1979 Martian Chronicles
1981 Liar's Moon 
1983 The Bronx Warriors 
1985 Foxtrap 
1985 Jungle Raiders 
1987 Messenger 
1987 Mines of Kilimanjaro 
1987 Operation Nam 
1987 Strike Commando 
1989 Night of the Sharks 
1990 The Bronx Warriors