Charles Thompson
Tommy Magnuson
Episode 285          Episode 291          Episode 339          Episode 497

Episode 285   On the wharf, Betty asks Tommy Magnuson about keeping
scene 6:      lobsters over night.  He says it would be better to cook 
              them right away and then warm them up the next day.
Episode 291   Hannah has gone down to the wharf and is standing in front 
Scene 5:      of the Cider Barrel.  Tommy Magnuson, the lobsterologist, 
              walks up and asks Hannah how the lobsters went over, that 
              he had sent to Mr. Peyton.  

Episode 339   On the wharf, Rossi is treating Rachel to seafood chowder.  
Scene 4:      Tommy Magnuson, the lobsterologist, is the proprietor of 
              the lobster and seafood market.  Dr. Rossi and Rachel tie 
              each others' bibs.  

Episode 497   Dr. Rossi takes his prospective step-daughter, Carolyn, to 
Scene 8:      the lobster market.  Tommy Magnuson asks them if they have 
              made up their minds about the lobsters.  Tommmy says that 
              he will have them ready when they get back from the Cider