4 actors appeared in both the Caine Mutiny [movie] and Peyton Place.
  1. Warner Anderson-[Matthew Swain]-Capt. Blakley
  2. Whit Bissell-[Calvin Hanley]-Lt. Cmndr. Dickson
  3. Don Dubbins-[William Kennerly, Jr.]-Urban
  4. Don Keefer-[Barrett Costa, portrait artist]-Court Stenographer
Oscar nominations: Best actor-Humphrey Bogart-Philip Francis Queeg Best supporting actor-Tom Tully Best Picture-Caine Mutiny Best film editing-William Lyon, Henry Battista Bsst Score-Max Steiner Best Screenplay-Stanley Roberts Best sound recording-John P. Livadary Other Actors in the movie: Claude Akins-Horrible David Alpert-Engstrand Don Anderson-Radar Man Guy Anderson-Ensign Rabbit Herbert Anderson-Ensign Rabbit Claude Atkins-Horrible James Best-Lt. Jorgensen Humphrey Bogart-Captain Phillip Francis Queeg Robert Bray-Board Member Steve Brodie-Chief Budge Ted Cooper-Sergeant-at-arms Francis Cugat-Color Consultant Lambert Day-Sound Recordist Don Dillaway-Chauffeur John Duncan-Sailor James Edwards-Whittaker Jose Ferrer-Lt. Barney Greenwald Robert Francis-Ens. Willie Keith Arthur Franz-Lt. Paynter Joe Haworth-Ensign-Carmody Van Johnson-Executive officer, Lt. Steve Maryk Todd Karns-Stilwell Edward Laguna-Winston Frank Losee-Sailor Dayton Lummis-Uncle Lloyd Kenneth MacDonald-Board Member Paul McGuire-Board Member Patrick Miller-Movie Operator Richard Norris-Board Member Fred MacMurray-Lt. Tom Keefer Tyler McVey-Board Member E.G. Marshall-Lt. Comdr. Challee Lee Marvin-Meatball Patrick Miller-Movie operator Richard Norris-Board Member Jerry Paris-Ensign Harding [Dick Van Dyke Show] Steve Pendleton-Board Member Jay Richards-Sailor James Todd-Commodore Kelvey John Tomeck-Board Member Tom Tully-Lt. Commander [Capt.] De Vriess Katharine Warren-Mrs. Keith May Wynn-herself 1954 The Caine Mutiny-Length 119 min. HOME