Columbo the series and the TV movies.

Lassiter the Locksmith
16 Peyton Place actors appeared in Columbo.
  1. Lola Albright-Constance Swain Mackenzie Carson faux
  2. Mary Anderson-Catherine Marie Peyton Harrington
  3. Fred Draper-Fred Draper, bartender Colonial Post Inn
  4. Don Gordon-Richard Jensen a.k.a. Fred Blair
  5. Lee Grant-Stella Chernak, microbiologist
  6. Mariette Hartley-Dr. Claire Morton Markham
  7. Wilfrid Hyde-White--Martin Peyton faux
  8. Victor Izay-Mr. Edwards, Court Clerk
  9. Mary Jackson-Gladys Roberts, science teacher
  10. John Kerr-Dist. Atty. John Fowler
  11. Leslie Nielsen-Dr. Vincent Markham, Kenneth Markham
  12. Tim O'Connor-Dr. Michael Rossi, from Gotham
  13. Bert Remsen-Detective Lawrence, in CA.
  14. Gena Rowlands-Adrienne Holland Van Leyden
  15. Penny Santon-Mrs. Zito, patient
  16. Michael Strong-Judge of Michael Rossi, episode 514.
Pilot 02-29-76 Now you see him. Victor Izay-Lassiter Jack Cassidy-The Great Santini Bob Dishy-John J. Wilson Hehemiah Persoff-Jesse T. Jerome Cynthia Sikes-Della Santini, assistant Note: Jack Cassidy also appeared in Murder by the Book. Note: Jack Cassidy also appeared in Publish or Perish Pilot 03-01-71 Ransom for a Dead Man High flying Lady lawyer kills her husband, for the Insurance Money, and makes It look like a kidnapping gone wrong. Lee Grant-Leslie Williams Jed Allan-Phil John Fink-Michael Clarke Harold Gould-Carlson Charles Macauley-Richard Richard Roat-Perkins Bill Walker-Cromwell Paul Carr-Hammond Celeste Yarnall-Gloria Patricia Mattick-Margaret Season 1 1.05 10-27-71 Dead Weight John Kerr-Colonel Rodger Dutton Eddie Albert-Major General Martin Hollister Suzanne Pleshette-Helen Stewart Kate Reid-Mrs. Walters Val Avery-Harry Barnes Timothy Carey-Bert 1.07 12-15-71 Lady in Waiting NOTE: This episode had a strong problem with the conclusion. It turned on the lawyer remembering at the end that he heard the shots first, then the alarm. But consider. He already testified at the inquest and said nothing about this. He was her fiance then. Now he changes his story after she dumps him? He has no credibility. Leslie Nielsen-Peter Hamilton Susan Clark-Beth Chadwick Jessie Royce Landis-Mother Chadwick Richard Anderson-Bryce Chadwick Joel Fluellen-Charles Season 2 2.13 11-26-72 Dagger of the Mind Wilfrid Hyde-White--Tanner Richard Basehart-Nicholas Frame Bernard Fox-William Durk John Williams-Sir Roger Haversham Honor Blackman-Lilian Stanhope Arthur Mallet-Joe Fenwick Harvey Jason-Director Ronald Long-Mr. Jones Gerald S. Peters-Inspector Smythe Sharon Johansen-Miss Dudley 2.17 03-25-73 Double Shock Tim O'Connor-Mike Hathaway Martin Landau-Dexter Paris/Norman Paris Jeanette Nolan-Mrs. Peck Julie Newmar-Lisa Chambers Paul Stewart-Clifford Paris Dabney Coleman-Detective Murray Kate Hawley-Mrs. Johnson Michael Richardson-Lawyer Season 3 3.22 01-18-74 Publish or Perish Mariette Hartley-Eileen Macrae Jack Cassidy-Riley Greenleaf Mickey Spillane-Allen Mallory John Chandler-Eddie Kane Jacques Aubuchon-Jeffrey Neal Gregory Sierra-Lou D'Allesandro Alan Fudge-David Chase Paul Shenar-Sgt. Young Jack Bender-Wolpert Season 4 4.26 09-15-74 An Exercise in Fatality A health club owner kills his partner who is about to uncover a fraud and makes it look like an accident. Victor Izay-Medical Examiner Robert Conrad-Milo Janus Gretchen Corbett-Jessica Conroy Pat Harrington, Jr.-Buddy Castle Collin Wilcox Patton-Ruth Stafford Philip Bruns-Gene Stafford Jude Farese-Al Murphy Darrell Zwerling-Lewis Lacey Dennis Robertson-Jerry Raymond O'Keefe-Sergeant Rickets Eric Mason-Fred J.R. Clark-Harry Lassiter Mel Stevens-Dr. Freeman Manuel Depina-Photographer Kathleen O'Malley-Nurse Don Nagel-Doberman Susan Jacoby-Rose 4.27 10-15-74 Negative Reaction Don Gordon- Michael Strong- Dick Van Dyke-Paul Galesco Antoinette Bower-Frances Galesco Joanna Cameron-Lorna Joyce Van Patten- David Sheiner Larry Storch-Mr. Weekly Vito Scotti-Thomas Dolan Alice Backes-Mrs. Mayland Harvey Gold-Harry Lewis Bill Zuckert-Capt. Sampson John Ashton-Calvin Macgruder 4.30 03-02-75 Playback Gena Rowlands-Elizabeth van Wyck Trisha Noble-Marcy Oskar Werner-Harold van Wyck Robert Brown-Arthur Midas Patricia Barry-Francine Martha Scott-Margaret Midas Herb Jefferson Jr.-Baxter Season 5 5.34 11-02-75 Identity Crisis Leslie Nielsen-Geronimo/A. J. Henderson Patrick McGoohan-Nelson Brenner Val Avery-Louie David White-Phil Corrigan Otis Young-Lawrence Melville Bruce Kirby-Sgt. Kramer Barbara Rhoades-Joyce Vito Scotti-Salvatore Defonte 5.36 02-29-76 Now You See Him Victor Izay-Lassiter Jack Cassidy-Santini Robert Loggia- Nehemiah Persoff- Bob Dishy- Cynthia Sikes-Della Santini George Sperdakos-Thackery Redmond Gleeson-Danny Green Robert Gibbons-Rodger Michael Payne-Jefferson 5.37 03-02-76 Last Salute to the Commodore A clip from this episode can be seen in the movie "Big Daddy". This is the only episode of the original series where we don't know who the murderer is. Or rather, that the writers and producers play it clever by setting us up to think we know who the murderer is and then leave us to guess who the second one is. Wilfrid Hyde-White--Kittering Robert Vaughn-Charles John Dehner-Commodore Otis Swanson Fred Draper-Swanny Swanson Diane Baker- Bruce Kirby-Sgt. George Kramer Joshua Bryant-Wayne Taylor Susan Foster-Lisa Season 6 6.38 10-10-76 Fade in to Murder Wade Fowler, who plays the popular TV detective Inspector Lucerne, kills his agent because she is blackmailing him with the fact he was a draft dodger. He drugs his alcoholic studio gopher while they're watching a sports broadcast, tapes it, then goes to the deli where he knows his agent will be. Disguised as a thief with clothing from the studio wardrobe department, he pistol whips the owner, then shoots the agent and makes it look like a robbery. He then returns to his home, wakes up the gopher after resetting his watch, and plays back the tape so he has a alibi the guy pass out again and resetting his watch. Columbo is on the scene. A big detective of Fowler's show, he immediately begins to notice certain discrepancies about the crime scene. Claire's purse and credit card were left behind, and because of the difference between the bullet hole in her shirt and in her back it looks as if she was shot with her hands up even though the story seems to support her turning around to run away-when her hands were down. But Fowler has learned a trick or two by playing a detective, and leads Columbo to suspect the agent's husband. He even plants a thread from the husband's sweater on the gun that he borrowed from the prop department. Seeing past that, Columbo notices other clues. The gopher's expensive watch is in fact not set correctly -he always keeps it five minutes ahead. And the agent was shot straight through the heart from 30 feet-Fowler was a sharpshooter in the army. Finally Columbo puts it all together and comes up with Fowler's one mistake: although he cleaned the prop gun thoroughly after he borrowed it, he forgot to clean the blanks. Wade's fingerprints are all over the gun, incriminating him. NOTE: The likeness between Wade Fowler/Detective Lucerne and Peter Falk/Columbo, at least in the begininning of the show. Both names are ornithological, even. Fade in is a film term used at the very start of a movie script. William Shatner and Walter Koenig are both stars from Star Trek, although they never meet on-screen here. The opening scene where Claire meets with the studio execs and demands a bigger salary for TV detective Lucerne deliberately meant to echo similar conversations and the general situation between actor Peter Falk and the NBC studio execs at the time. He kept asking for the money and they eventually ended up giving in because Columbo was such a hit. Lola Albright-Claire Daley Bert Remsen-Mark Davis Fred Draper-Joseph William Shatner-Wade Fowler Walter Koenig-Sgt. Johnston Alan Manson-Sid Daley Frank Baxter-Walter Gray Shera Danese-Molly 6.39 11-28-76 Old-fashioned Murder The female head of a museum hires one of the guards to rob the museum to collect the insurance money. But during the robbery she kills him and her own brother, and makes it look like they killed each other. The guard/robber's brother reports a strange message on his answering machine, that makes it seem that he has been killed. And Columbo gets the case. When Columbo first comes to the crime scene, he notices that the lights are off, a gold medallion in the robber´s pants, and signs that pointed to the fact that he was going abroad after the heist. And he concluded that these clues mean that someone else was involved. Tim O'Connor- Robert Douglas- Celeste Holm- Peter S. Feibleman-Milton Shaeffer Jon Miller-Sgt. Miller Jess Osuna-Dr. Tim Shaeffer Anthony Holland-Darryl Lucy Saroyan-Elise Joyce Van Patten-Ruth Lytton Jeannie Berlin-Janie Brandt Season 7 7.41 11-21-77 Try and Catch Me Mary Jackson-Annie Mariette Hartley-Veronica Ruth Gordon- G. D. Spradlin-Martin Hammond Charles Frank-Edmund Galvin Movie 12-15-91 Death hits the jackpot Penny Santon-Momma Rip Torn-Leon Lamarr Betsy Palmer-Martha Lamarr Warren Berlinger-Detective Stroller Antony Ponzini-Gregory Lopiccolo Jamie Rose-Nancy Bower Gary Kroeger-Freddy Bower Brit Lind-Trish Shane McCabe-Meyer McGinty Locky Lambert-Leda Victoria Boa-Shari Michael Prince-Mr. Weatherford Anita Dangler-Mrs. Weatherford Dianne Turley Travis-Greta Movie 05-02-94 Undercover Penny Santon-Lucia Ed Begley Jr.-Irving Krutch Tyne Daly-Dorothea McNally Burt Young-Mo Weinberg Harrison Page-Detective Brown Shera Danese-Geraldine Ferguson Edward Hibbert-Bramley Kahn Marla Adams-Sheila Byrnes Kristin Bauer-Suzie Endicott Albie Selznick-Detective McKittrick Joseph Chrest-Mercer Robert Donner-Zeke Wilfrid is spelled Wilfred elseqhere. Victor Izay HOME