DAVID CANARY                                                      08-07-01

Russ Gehring         Adam Chandler
Episode 134          All My children (ABC)
10-28-65             04-19-02

Russ Gehring was the original physical therapist at Doctors Hospital.  He 
was replaced by Ann Howard after resigning in the wake of his affair with 
Marian Fowler, wife of District Attorney John Fowler, Jr.  He was slugged 
by Elliot Carson and John Fowler.  He girl-handled Allison Mackenzie.  
After the death of Ann Howard, Chuck Atwell became the physical therapist.

David Canary has an extensive Movie and TV credit list:

Adam and Stuart Chandler in All My Children.

1967 St. Valentine's Day Massacre
  Patrick Whyte-
  Jason Robards-Al Capone
  Joseph Campanella-
  Jack Nicholson-
  Clint Ritchie-
  Frank Silvera-
  George Segal-
  Ralph Meeker-
  Harold Stone-
  Kurt Krueger-
  Milton Frome-
  Mickey Deems-
  Reed Hadley-
  Bruce Dern-
  John Agar-
  Jean Hale-
1975 Possee
  Kirk Douglas-sheriff
  Bruce Dern-
  James Stacy-
  Bo Hopkins-
  Luke Askew-
  Alfonso Arau-
  Mark Roberts-
  Katherine Woodville-