Don Dubbins
William "Billy" Kennerly, Jr.

Also Known As: Donald Dubbins 
Date of Birth: 1929, New York City 
Date of Death: August 17, 1991

born xxx died at age 63 1985.

I Dream of Jeannie:
1965 The Lady in the Bottle (Pilot)-Lt. Pete Conway, USNR.

Knots Landing:
1983 Witness-Doctor.

Pettycoat Junction:
37. Kate Flat on her Back-Smokey Harner.

Peyton Place:
1969 Peyton Place TV Series-William "Billy" Kennerly, Jr.

Twilight Zone:
020. 02-18-60 Elegy-Peter Kirby.

1970 Run, Simon, Run (TV) 
1972 Banacek (TV) 
1973 Outrage (TV)-Phil Werner 

Notable Dragnet Role: Neo-Nazi psycho who tries to blow up a grammar school. 

1965 I Dream of Jeannie:
Astronaut in Sheep's Clothing-Commander Jay Russell
Lady in the Bottle-Lt. Pete Conway

1953 From Here to Eternity-Friday Clark 
1954 Caine Mutiny.
       Don Dubbins-Urban.
       Whit Bissel-Lt Cmdr.
       Don Keefer-Court stenographer.
       Humphrey Bogart-Queeg.
       Fred MacMurray-Lt.Tom Keefer.
1956 Tribute to a Bad Man-Steve Millar 
1956 These Wilder Years-Mark 
1957 D.I. 
1958 Enchanted Island.
1958 From the Earth to the Moon.
1963 The Prize.
1963 Prize-Ivar Cramer 
1969 The Illustrated Man.
1969 Learning Tree 
1969 Illustrated Man-Pickard 
1974 Nightmare at 43 Hillcrest.
1976 Death Wish II.
1981 Death Wish II-Mike