Susan Winter         Susan Winter         Diana Hyland         Diana Hyland and
as a blonde          as a brunette        As seen in the       John Travolta in the
Diana Hyland         Diana Hyland         boy in the           boy in the 
Episode 423          Episode 451          Plastic Bubble       Plastic Bubble 

01-25-36 to 03-27-77

[John Travolta was born 02-18-54 and was 18 years younger.]

The Twilight Zone:
141. 02-21-64 Spur of the moment-Anne Henderson
                Robert Hogan-Robert Blake

Robert Montgomery Presents
Fugitive, Tue May 23, 1967 also Bruce Dern and Lou Antonio.

Dr. Kildare
Young Doctor Malone
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour
Eight is enough-Dick Patten's wife, Joan Bradford.
1963 The voice of Charlie Pont-

1964 One Man's Way-movie debut
1976 The Boy in the Plastic Bubble [1959]
       John Travolta-Tod
       Diana Hyland-Mrs. Lubich
       Robert Reed-Mr. Johnny Lubich
       Glynnis O'Connor-Gina

       Richard Kiley-Dr. Gunter, Immunologist
       John Friedrich-Roy Slater
       Kelly Ward-Tom Shuster
       Skip Lowell-Bruce Shuster
       John Megna-Smith
       Vernee Watson-Gwen
       Darryl Zwerling-Mr. Brister
       P. J. Soles-Deborah
       Timothy Hines-Reporter
       Victor Brandt-TV Installer
       Jack McLaughlin-Principal
       Erna Foxworth-Neighbor
       Karri Kirsch-Gina, 3 yrs
       Seth Wagerman-Tod, 3 yrs
       Anne Ramsey-Rachel

1965 Hercules and the Princess of Troy

Broadway and other theater:
Sweet Bird of Youth
Look Back in Anger

American actress Diana Hyland took private acting lessons as a high school student, debuting professionally at age 17 at the Rabbit Run Theatre of Madison, Ohio. Once in New York, she worked part time as the switchboard operator of her apartment building, hitting pay dirt actingwise with an important role on TV's Robert Montgomery Presents. More TV work followed, as did summer stock appearances with the likes of Claudette Colbert and a tour with the stage play Look Back in Anger; Diana capped the '50s with a Broadway appearance in Sweet Bird of Youth, costarring Paul Newman and Geraldine Page. Like most New York-based actresses of the era, Diana did a soap opera stint (Young Dr. Malone), but after her character was abruptly killed off she headed for the ostensibly greener pastures of Hollywood. Her first job there, supporting Robert Redford in an Alcoa Premiere drama, earned Diana an Emmy nomination, leading to prolific guest-star work on such series as Dr. Kildare, The Alfred Hitchcock Hour and Twilight Zone. Undeniably talented, Diana was best known in studio circles for her impatience and outspokenness, and in fact was reprimanded in print for this trait by columnist Hedda Hopper. Her film career was far less interesting than her TV work: The Chase (1966) is the only Diana Hyland performance seen on a regular basis on television these days, and it's hardly worthy of her or anyone else in the cast (which included Marlon Brando, Robert Redford and Jane Fonda). Except for a recurring role on Peyton Place in the mid '60s, Diana avoid regular primetime series work until 1976, when she signed to play Dick Van Patten's wife on Eight is Enough. That same year, she costarred in the TV movie Boy in the Plastic Bubble with John Travolta. Diana fell in love with Travolta, 17 years her junior, and the two moved in together. Thus 1977 should have been a professional and personal high water mark for Diana Hyland. But on March 27 of that year, Diana died of cancer, which devastated not only Travolta but the entire Eight is Enough cast. The five completed episodes starring Diana Hyland began telecasting on March 15, a scant twelve days before her death. died 03-27-77