Dorothy Malone
Dorothy Eloise Maloney
b. 01-30-25
Constance Swain Mackenzie Carson

Episode 001          
Constance            Constance            Constance and        Constance is
Mackenzie Carson     and Betty            Dr. Rossi            visited by Rita
Episode 268          Episode 269          Episode 269          Episode 270
Constance is         Rita asks to         Elliot brings
visited by Eli       baby sit Matthew     gifts to Constance
Episode 271          Episode 272          Episode 274

1944 Step Lively
1946 The Big Sleep
       Humphrey Bogart
       Lauren Bacall
1946 Night & Day
       Alan Hale
       Cary Grant
       Eve Arden [Cole Porter] Video
1949 South of St. Louis
1950 Nevadan
       George Macready
1951 Bushwhackers
1953 Law and Order
1953 Scared Stiff
1953 Torpedo Alley
1954 The Fast and the Furious
1954 Private Hell 36
1955 Artists and Models
1955 At Gunpoint
1955 Battle Cry
1955 Sincerely Yours
1955 Young at heart
       Frank Sinatra
1956 Written on the Wind
1957 Man of a Thousand Faces
1958 The Tarnished Angels
1959 Warlock
1960 The Last Voyage
       Robert Stack
1963 Beach Party
       Annette Funicello
       Robert Cummings
1975 The Man Who Would Not Die     
1975 Shaming
       Carolyn Jones
1975 Abduction
1977 Little Ladies of the Night
       Carolyn Jones
1979 Sodom and Gomorrah
1979 Winter Kills
       Elizabeth Taylor
1980 The Day Time Ended
1984 The Being
1987 Rest in Pieces

1953 Four Star Playhouse:  The Doctor and the Countess
1976 Rich Man, Poor Man, a TV mini-series