Don Quine
Joe Chernak

The Fugitive.
042. 12-08-64 Detour on a Road Going Nowhere-Sandy Baird.

Dr. Kildare.
130. 4.29 04-15-65 Music Hath Charms-Max McConnell

Peyton Place.
Joe Chernak-brother of Stella Chernak and son of Gus and Anna Chernak.
08-19-65 to 113. 09-09-65.

104. Joe Returns from the honor farm.  Walks with Stella on the wharf.
106. Norman and Joe fight on the wharf.
107. Joe taunts Rita.
108. Rossi eats at the Chernak house and is introduced to Joe.
109. Norman is in the apartment after being beaten up by Joe.
110. Rodney warns Joe.
111. Rodney goes to the Chernak house to talk with Joe, but talks with 
112. Stella tells Joe that Rodney is looking for him.
113. Rodney and Joe fight.  Joe Dies on the wharf in front of the tavern.

The Virginian:
Season 5: Stacey Grainger