Catherine Marie      Calvin Hanley        Joe Chernak          Gus Chernak
Peyton Harrington    Heart                Fight on wharf with  Liver
Liver failure        failure              Rodney Harrington    failure
Episode 19           Episode 48           Episode 113          Episode 138
Ann Howard
Fall from
Episode 255
Jack Chandler        Adrienne Van         Lee Webber shot by   Martin Peyton
Shot                 Leyden               Leslie Harrington    Heart failure
by                   plummet              and again by         after returning
police               down the stairs      Steven Cord          to Boston Clinic 
Episode 365          Episode 392          Episode 400          Episode 476

Fred Russell
Head trauma
blamed on 
Dr. Rossi
Episode 510

xxx. Elizabeth Hanley Carson.  Not shown.
xxx. Dr. Donald Brooks.  Not shown.
019. Catherine Marie Peyton Harrington
048. Calvin Hanley.
113. Joe Chernak.
178. Gus Chernak.
235. Brian Colby.  Not shown.
255. Ann Howard.
xxx. Lucy Chandler.  Not shown.
365. Jack Chandler.  Not shown.
xxx. Dr. Philip Van Leyden.  Not shown.
392. Adrienne Van Leyden.
400. Lee Webber.
476. Martin Peyton.
477. Liza Newton.  Not shown.  467.
510. Fred Russell.