Philip Redfield      Steven Edson         Dr. Rossi            Dirk Blake
Twilight Zone        The Fugitive         Peyton Place         Perry Mason
                                                               Case of the 
                                                               Missing Button
Also known as Edwin Nelson
Born December 21, 1928
New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Boris Karloff's Thriller:

01-21-64 Eyes of the Hunter
           Ed Nelson-

Dr. Kildare:
11-28-63 Rat Pack and the Prima Donna-Dr. Keith Judge

The Fall Guy:
           Lee Majors
           Heather Thomas
12-17-63 The Girl From Little Egypt
           Ed Nelson-Paul Clements
03-10-64 Flight from the Final Demon
           Ed Nelson-Steve Edson
           Don Dubbins-
           Carrol O'Connor-Bray
105. 03-08-66 Ill Wind

Gemini Man (Ben Murphy)

1955 Gunsmoke (Five episodes)

Jake and the Fatman:
1990 Goodbye

Logan's Run: 1977

1985 MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson)

Mission Impossible" (1966)
           Martin Landau
           Greg Morris

Murder She Wrote:
1992 The Witch's Curse
           Ed Nelson-Judge Willard Clinton
1995 Home Care 
           Ed Nelson-Henry

Perry Mason:
09-24-64 Case of the Missing Button
           Ed Nelson-Dirk Blake
           Charles Irving-Judge Blanchard

1960  The Quick Noose-Jim Tyler

Rockford Files (1974) (Two episodes) (James Garner)

Television shows Ed Nelson has appeared in:
 9. Alias Smith and Jones" (1971) (Ben Murphy, Pete Dual)
10. Cannon (1971) (William Conrad)
12. Maverick (1957) (James Garner)
14. Jake and the Fatman (1990) (Wiliam Conrad, Joe Penny)

Twilight Zone:
105. 01-17-63 Valley of the Shadow-Philip Redfield.
                James Doohan
                Ed Nelson-Philip Redfield.
                Natalie Trundy-Ellen Marshall
???                David Opatoshu-Zorn   ???

1959 Untouchables (Two Episodes) (Robert Stack)

The following is excerpted from Craig Pierce's UK Peyton Place Web Site:

Ed Nelson has been in many different shows and movies over the 
years.  He was in the very first Television episode of Peyton Place, 
in fact he arrived from New York leaving a big hospital practice so 
that he could become a local Doctor in a small town. 

Rodney Harrington and Betty Anderson (Harrington Cord Harrington) 
were the two who picked him up at the Peyton Place train station.  
He soon became a trusted a well liked member of the community.  For 
a while we thought he would end up getting married to Constance 
Mckenzie, but once Elliot Carson was released from prison she soon 
fell back in love with him, but they always remained close friends. 

He didn't have much luck really.  By that I mean he fell in love 
with Ann Howard and shortly before they were to be married, she was 
murdered. Lee Webber was suspected but eventually cleared of all 
charges the town including Martin Peyton still suspected him. 

Andy Zambella provided the following information to Craig Pierce: 

Although he appeared in only 5 films and some top TV shows, Ed 
Nelson was a relatively unknown actor when he joined Peyton Place 
originally as Principal Rossi (as in the book).  His role was later 
changed to a doctor.  He is married to his wife Patsy and they have 
7 children.  He was thrilled to have stayed on Peyton Place 
as one of only 3 people from the very beginning to end (the others 
being Barbara Parkins and Chris Connelly).  Ed was born in New 
Orleans on December 21, 1928.  His good looks and charm established 
him in the industry.  He has worked in the daytime soap Capital as 
well as appearing in many other TV shows and movies.  His son Chris 
appeared as his son on Peyton Place:  the Next Generation.  
While on Peyton Place, Ed Nelson made personal appearances and 
toured South America and Viet-Nam and expanded his own goals.  Ed 
was taken ill and the script writers fixed it that Dr. Rossi was off 
to New York for what was originally to be two or three days which 
turned into several weeks.  During this hiatus, the Peyton mansion 
was torched by Hannah Cord.  Ed and Patsy Nelson faced the 
possibility that the surgeons might find a malignancy.  
Fortunately he received a clean bill of health and he was back to 
work on the series in a few weeks.  Unlike Dorothy Malone and George 
Macready, his role was not recast.  Of all the people he worked with 
on Peyton Place Ed still recalls how great it was to work with Susan 
Oliver (Ann Howard) as well as Barbara Parkins (Betty Anderson 
Harrington Cord Harrington), Pat Morrow (Rita Charmaine Jacks 
Harrington), and Chris Connelly (Norman Harrington).  The 1964 
series ended with him alone in his jail cell in the Peyton County 
Movies Ed Nelson has appeared in:

1955 Swamp Women
1956 Hot Rod Girl
1957 Attack of the Crab Monsters
1957 Bayou
1957 Carnival Rock
1957 Invasion of the Saucer Men
1957 Teenage Doll
1958 Brain Eaters (1958)
1958 Cry Baby Killer (1958) 
1958 Devil's Partner (1958) 
1958 Night of the Blood Beast (1958) 
1959 Bucket of Blood (1959) 
1959 Young Captives (1959) 
1960 Valley of the Redwoods
1963 Man From Galveston
1963 Soldier in the Rain
1970 Along Came a Spider
1971 Little Game
1971 Screaming Woman
1972 Banacek  
1973 Runaway  
1973 Time to Run 
1974 Airport 1975
1974 Missing Are Deadly
1975 Shining Star 
1976 Midway
        Ed Nelson-Admiral Harry Pearson
        Charleston Heston-Capt. Matt Garth
        Edward Albert-Ensign Tom Garth (Capt. Garth's son)
        Henry Fonda-Adm. Chester W. Nimitz
        Hal Holbrook-Cmndr. Joseph J. Rochefort, Jr.
        Robert Mitchum-Admiral Wm. F. Halsey
        Glenn Ford-Rear Adm. Raymond A. Spruance
        Robert Wagner-Lt. Comndr. Ernest L. Blake
        Robert Webber-Rear Admiral Frank J "Jack" Fletcher
        Cliff Robertson-Cmdr. Carl Jessop
        James Coburn Captain Vinton Maddox
        Phillip R Allen-Lieutenant Thach
        Biff McGuire-Captain Miles Browning
        Monte Markham-Commander Max Leslie
        David Macklin-Jack Reid
        Christopher George-Lieutenant Commander C Wade McClusky
        Kevin Dobson-Ensign George Gay
        Glenn Corbett-Lieutenant Commander John Waldron
        Gregory Walcott-Captain Elliott Buckmaster
        Dabney Coleman 
        Erik Estrada
        Steve Kanaly
        Tom Selleck
        Robert Ito 
        Pat Morita

1978 Acapulco Gold
1978 Crash
1978 Doctors' Private Lives
1978 Superdome
1979 Anatomy of a Seduction
1980 Enola Gay: The Men, the Mission, the Atomic Bomb
1980 The Girl, the Gold Watch & Everything
1980 The Return of Frank Cannon
1981 Born to Be Sold
1982 Capitol-Sen. Mark Denning
1982 Help Wanted: Male
1986 Police Academy 3-Back in Training
1987 Sworn to Silence
1989 Brenda Starr
1991 The Boneyard

1. Attack of the Crab Monsters
2. Boneyard
3. The Brain Eaters
4. A Bucket of Blood
5. Cries of Silence
6. For the Love of Benji
7. The Return of Frank Gannon

      Murder, She Wrote - Ray Bascomb - Always a Thief (1990)
      MacGyver - Arthur Bandel - Ma Dalton (1989)
      The Law & Harry McGraw - Jefferson Randolph - Maginnis For The 
      People (1988)
      Jake and the Fatman - Harrison Dole - Lady, Be Good (1988)
      Murder, She Wrote - Mayor Allen Simpson - Old Habits Die Hard (1987)
      Murder, She Wrote - Carl Turnbull - Murder To a Jazz Beat (1985)
      Matt Houston - Fred Boethig - Get Houston (1983)
      Bret Maverick - Andrew J. Tendall - Dateline: Sweetwater (1982)
      Lou Grant - Jim Carlisle - Pack (1980)
      Charlie's Angels - George Starrett - Harrigan's Angel (1980)
      Barnaby Jones - Richard Gibson/ Ed Simmons - Homecoming for a Dead 
      Man (1979)
      Logan's Run - Dr. Rowan - Fear Factor (1977)
      The Rockford Files - Edgar R. 'Bud' Clement - Trouble in Chapter 17 
      The Bionic Woman - Lucky Harrison - Assault on the Princess (1976)
      Tenafly - Ted Harris - Tenafly (1973)
      Alias Smith and Jones - Sheriff Frank Canton - What Happened at the 
      XST? (1972)
      Night Gallery - Tom Burke - Little Girl Lost (1972)
      Marcus Welby, M.D. - - Men Who Care (2) (1971)
      Marcus Welby, M.D. - - Men Who Care (1) (1971)
      The Fugitive (1963) - Steve - Flight from the Final Demon (1964)
      The Fugitive (1963) - Paul Clements - The Girl from Little Egypt (1963)
      The Outer Limits (1963) - Luke Stone - Nightmare (1963)
      The Twilight Zone - Philip Redfield - Valley of the Shadow (1963)
      Maverick - Gary Harrison - The Maverick Report (1962)
      Thriller - Tom Ellison/Daniel LeJean - Dialogues With Death (1961)
      Thriller - George Parker - A Good Imagination (1961)
      The Aquanauts - - Killers in Paradise (1961)
      Thriller - Joey - The Cheaters (1960)
      Thriller - Bernie - The Fatal Impulse (1960)