Erin O'Brien-Moore
05-02-02 to 

Esther Choate
Director of nursing.

Movies and TV:
Perry Mason:
173 03-07-63 Golden Oranges
               Perry's client, a dog, is brought to court and helps solve 
               a crime. 
               Erin Obrien-
               Charles Irving-

As the World Turns:
  Erin O'Brien-Renee Greenwood--1996
  Ruth Warrick-Edith Hughes--1956-1960
  Joe Maross-Dick Martin-1966
  Don McLaughlin-Chris Hughes--1956-1986
    [David Harding, Counter-Spy]

1935 Our Little Girl
       Erin O'Brien-Moore--Sarah Boyton
       Shirley Temple-Molly Middleton
       Joel McCrea-Donald Middleton
1935 Streamline Express
1936 Black Legion
       Erin O'Brien-Moore-
       Humphrey Bogart
1936 Ring Around the Moon
1937 Life of Emile Zola
1949 The Ruggles-Margaret Ruggles [TV Series]
1950 Destination Moon
       Warner Anderson-
1958 Onionhead
       Erin O'Brien-Moore
       Andy Griffith
1959 John Paul Jones
     Long Gray Line
     Phantom of the Rue Morgue
     How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying.